WriterDuet Announces Version 3.0 & Mobile App!

WriterDuet Announces Version 3.0 & Mobile App!

Over the last few years, WriterDuet has become one of the most innovative screenwriting tools for screenwriters.  The software allows you to write online from anywhere along with outstanding collaborative features, cloud storage and more.  The best part is you can use WriterDuet for free!  (Although, some of their pro features are pretty irresistible too.)

Now, WriterDuet has announced the third iteration of their software package.  The update includes a massive performance upgrade but perhaps the most exciting news is the reveal of a brand new mobile app.  Here are the highlights from their blog post:

1. Write on the go with a mobile application. Gone are the days of you having to stop writing while on the toilet.

2. Organize and filter your script with a tagger. If you have a script that will be produced, you can tag props and characters. If you don’t have a script that will be produced, you can tag content that is bad and is probably what’s preventing your script from being produced.

3. See when notes are added with in-app notifications. No more missing when your producer (see, we believe in you!) comments, or scanning the entire script with no idea which notes are new.

Now, there is a slight catch…  The price for a lifetime of free updates will rise on May 31, 2017.  So there’s no better time to get WriterDuet!  Check out their official announcement here for more information.

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