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What Screenwriting Software Do You Use?

What Screenwriting Software Do You Use?

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True, it can also be frustrating and down right depressing at times but that’s what makes it fun.  I realize that’s a weird thing to say but writing a screenplay presents challenge after challenge from every direction.  Like your characters, you must overcome the obstacles placed before you in order to succeed.  Every challenge you defeat empowers you until the ultimate victory emerges the second you type FADE OUT.

Finishing a screenplay is one of the most liberating moments a screenwriting can experience.  The weight gets lifted off your shoulders and placed in front of you so you can admire it and be proud.  Screenwriter’s fall in love with their stories so it’s not a stretch to assume that screenwriters also fall in love with their software of choice.

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The perfect screenwriting software is like a car lover driving their dream car.  Everything.  Just.  Works.  When you write a screenplay, you’re at your most vulnerable.  Raw emotion takes hold and you pour your heart and soul into every moment on every page.  Screenwriting software is the close friend who has seen you at your most vulnerable.  After all, you wouldn’t let a stranger see you that way right?

For me, that software is Final Draft.  Perhaps I sound dramatic but I first purchased the software as a student multiple decades ago and I’ve upgraded several times.  It’s become a part of my creative routine.  I’ve tried nearly all of the software out there at one point or another.  Sheer curiosity and my obsession with screenwriting is to blame.  Other programs suited me just fine especially once mobile apps emerged.  They share similar features but it’s like moving into a new house.  With Final Draft, I know where everything is.

The relationship a screenwriter has with his/her perfect software is extremely personal.  I’m not a professional screenwriter and I’m far from an expert but I do love to write screenplays.  To me, launching Final Draft (especially after a lengthy absence) is like waiting months to eat your favorite food.  You wonder why you went so long without it but it tastes just like you remember it.  Again, I may sound a bit dramatic but screenwriting is fun.  It’s a form of stress relief for me.  Final Draft has seen my ups and downs over the years.  Whether I find success someday or not, I’ll always have my screenplays.

I’ve got an endless supply of new beginnings and a good friend to help me find the way.

How do you feel about your preferred screenwriting software? Comment below!

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