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The Best Screenwriting Channels On YouTube

The Best Screenwriting Channels On YouTube

Whether you’re in the mood to watch an interview with a pro screenwriter or simply wish to increase your knowledge of the craft, this list is for you!  Below you’ll find tons of fantastic screenwriting channels on YouTube (plus one equally fantastic channel on Vine).  Each offers a variety of videos including tips, tutorials, interviews, conferences, speeches, round tables, web series & more!

XTRA SPARK | The Ultimate Screenwriting Website Guide

Be sure to tweet @writingspark or email jason@screenwritingspark.com if you spot a channel missing from this list.  Help inspire the aspiring!


BAFTA Online

Film Courage

Script Magazine

Script Lab

Academy Originals

London Screenwriters’ Festival

Six Second Screenwriting Lessons (Vine)

John August

Lessons From The Screenplay

The Hollywood Reporter

FAST Screenplay

The Dialogue

Mark Sanderson

Blue Cat

Screen Craft

Writer’s Guild Foundation

Selling Your Screenplay

WGA West


Story 2 Screen

The Bitter Script Reader

D4 Darious

UCLA Writer’s Program

Scripts & Scribes

Final Draft



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The Ultimate Short Film Screenwriting Guide

The Ultimate Short Film Screenwriting Guide

short film script can be many things.  It can be a calling card, a proof of concept, a competition winner, an artistic expression and, of course, a short film.  The obvious goal of any short screenplay is to become a short film but we’ll get to that.  Whether you are planning to produce your screenplay or not, you still have to write something worth producing.

Tackling short film scripts can be intimidating.  After all, completing a short film is a tough task and even if you do finish it, the festival circuit is incredibly competitive.  The competition is equally fierce in short screenplay contests.  But seriously, if you’re focused on these things, your screenplay is doomed before you type FADE IN…

Don’t think about what your screenplay may become at first.  Focus on writing something you can be proud of.  Write a short film that will resonate with readers.  Write something memorable.  Write something amazing!

That doesn’t sound so hard does it?  It shouldn’t matter what challenges lie ahead.  What should matter most is the story you want to tell.

Right now, your challenge isn’t getting a short film into festivals or winning competitions.  Your challenge is to tell a good story.

XTRA SPARK: The 15 Platinum Rules of Screenwriting

In the beginning, developing a short screenplay is the same as developing a feature length script.  You need a general idea of what you story is.  Create a logline to build off of.  Next you can expand it into an outline.  If you choose to expand your idea even further you can write a treatment.

The next step is crucial, painful, groundbreaking, frustrating, inspiring, complex, simple and FUN all at once.  So take a deep breath and JUST WRITE IT.

Below you’ll find a ton of articles and resources written to help you write better short screenplays.  Included amongst these screenwriting resources are articles focused on what makes great short films.  They are full of great tips you can work backwards from.  Explore them all and get inspired!

Found an article that belongs in this collection?  Comment with a link below.

MUST READ | The Screenwriter’s Bible


Indievelopment: Making a Short Film – Which Script to Film? | Script Magazine

Character Depth In A Short Film | John August

Scripting A Short Film | John August

Top 10 Tips For Writing A Short Screenplay | The Black Board (View more advice here.)

What About Story Structure For A Short Film? | Go Into The Story

Writing A Short Film From Instinct To Formula | Screen Craft

10 Rules For Writing A Successful Short Script  | Filmmaker IQ

Why You Should Write A Short Film Screenplay | Script Magazine

Learn How Successful Short Films Structure Their Story | CG Director

Writing Short Films: What Is The Point? | The Story Department

The Short Guide to Making an Awesome Short – Part 1: Scripting  | Film Shortage

Writing The Short Film | Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

7 Rules For Writing Short Films | Raindance

Ask the Screenplay Doctor: To Write or Not Write … a Short Screenplay |  New England Film

Award Winning Story Structure For Film Festivals | Script Magazine

Short Screenplays – Structure | Ruth Atkinson

Short Screenplays – Character | Ruth Atkinson

Writing the short film: Making it something special | IFP

Writing The Short Screenplay | Suite 101

More Tips For Writing Short Screenplays | Suite 101

3 Tips That Will Help You Come Up With Short Film Ideas | The Necessary Theater

8 Top Tips For Writing A Great Short Film | Projector Films

Short Film Script Writing – Keep It Fresh | Indiegogo Blog

The Short Film Is Dead: Time For The Emerging Filmmaker To Get A New Calling Card | No Film School

7 Short Film Screenwriting Tips & Other Life Lessons | Dare My Truth

Tips To Writing A Short Screenplay | Sure Exposure

Writing A Short Film Script | DeviantArt

How To Write An Effective Screenplay For A Short Film | Wiki How

Making A Good Short Screenplay Great | Mdtabish

Writing The Smart Short Film | The Script Lab

Tips For Writing Short Screenplays | Hub Pages

8 Rules For Writing Short Films | Shutter Speed & Aperture

How To Write A Short Film | Suite 101

Make A Short Film? | Scriptwriting In The U.K

The Agony Of Short Film Writing | Movie Outline

3 Keys To Writing A Great Short Screenplay | Screen Craft

What Directing Short Films Taught Me About Writing Short Screenplays | The Screenwriting Spark


10 Things You Must Do To Make Your Short Film Oscar worthy | Film Industry Network

Greatness –  Why Good Isn’t Good Enough | Short of the Week

Confessions Of A Short Film Programmer | Filmmaker Magazine

Why Short Films Are Rejected from Festivals | No Film School

What Makes A Good Short Film? | BBC Film Network

Witty Or Gritty? What Ingredients Make The Best Short Films? | The Guardian

10 Tips For Short Filmmakers & Film Students | Official Screenwriting

5 Tips For A Better Short Film | Talent House

How Long Should A Short Film Be? | The Bitter Script Reader

Roman Coppola On What Makes A Good Short Film | Ideas Tap

Animation: What Makes A Good Short Film? | Scribble Junkies

Get Your Short Film Into Major Film Festivals |  The Athletic Nerd

The Short Filmmakers Guide To Short Films | IFC

Sundance Festival Programmers Reveal Secrets to Successful Submissions | Film Independent

Write, Direct, Repeat: Film Festivals and the Short Film, Part 1 | Script Magazine


While this collection of resources is a great place to start, nothing beats reading screenplays and watching short films.  YouTube, Vimeo and many movie blogs (Geek Tyrant & Film School Rejects to name a few) are absolutely overflowing with incredible shorts.  Remember, every time you hit play you’re enhancing your short film knowledge AND supporting hard working filmmakers & screenwriters.

You have access to an unlimited amount of short films.  Become a student of the craft and challenge yourself to become a better screenwriter every single day.  Your own personal College Of Short Films is a few clicks away at ALL TIMES.

Just remember:

There may be an unlimited amount of shorts out there but there are also unlimited story ideas in your own imagination.  It’s time to write them down and share them with the world!

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The Ultimate List of Screenwriting Rules, Tips, Laws, Principles, Guidelines & More

The Ultimate List of Screenwriting Rules, Tips, Laws, Principles, Guidelines & More

Screenwriting rules…  Foolproof tips and guidelines to help you craft something inspiring.  Laws and principles that lead you down the creative path without losing your way.  Of course, rules in any creative medium are always meant to be bent, broken and reshaped depending on the project.  Regardless, there are so many sound tips out there it was time someone collected them in one place.

Below is an absolutely gigantic collection of screenwriting rules.  Over 50 articles by screenwriters of all levels written to inspire screenwriters.  There are literally hundreds of amazing tips for you to digest and apply to your own writing.

SPARK PLUG | The Ultimate Guide To Screenwriting Mistakes

What do these lists have in common?  Click here to see The Platinum Rules of Screenwriting.


Joss Whedon’s 10 commandments of screenwriting | Danny Stack

Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling

The new 10 commandments of screenwriting | Screenwriting U

12 Essential screenwriting tips for aspiring screenwriters | What Culture

11 Laws of great storytelling | Writer’s Store

So-Called Screenwriting Rules: 15 Part Series | Go Into The Story

10 Power principals to screenwriting success | Filmmaker IQ

Billy Wilder’s 10 commandments of screenwriting | Seraphic Secret

McKee and Me: Commandments and principles | Write, Write, Write

20 Common sense script rules in no particular order | Screenwriters University

10 Screenwriting insights I wish I had 25 years ago | Cracking Yarns

Screenwriting’s #1 Rule | Flying Wrestler

Screenwriting: How to break the rules | Script Shadow

The road ahead: 10 Tips for the screenwriter | Word & Film

5 Simple rules for turning your cool idea into a screenplay | IO9

13 Things you should do to get your screenplay rejected | The Screenplay Writers

10 Crucial screenwriting tips | Screenwriting Goldmine

8 Essential screenwriting principals | Go Into The Story

12 Rules of screenwriting | Talentville

The 5 S’s of screenwriting: Principals of storytelling | Movie Outline

Top 5 screenwriting mistakes | Stigmata Script

10 Writing tips for authors from a screenwriting guru | Where Writers Win

6 Basic rules all screenwriters should follow | Suite 101

12 Screenwriting principals | Write, Write, Write

The Screenwriting rules of Charlie Kaufman | Go Into The Story

Thirteen screenwriting rules that can never be broken | Pete McCormack

The unrules of screenwriting | L.A Screenwriters

12 Screenwriting tips for beginners | Screenwriting For Hollywood

7 screenwriting rules that are killing your creativity | Script Quack

First 10 pages: 5 Major rules | The Script Lab

The ten rules of screenwriting | Film Slate

Screenwriting: Can you break the rules? | The Single Screenwriter

30 Scriptwriting tips in one post | Galley Cat

Breaking the screenwriting rules | Writer’s Store

Meet the reader: The (real) rules of screenwriting | Script Magazine

How to write Groundhog Day: 10 Rules for screenwriters | The Daily Beast

8 Rules for surviving screenwriting | Darlene Craviotto

10 basic rules of screenwriting | Startup Nation

The unrules of screenwriting: Rick Suvalles List | Scooty Woopin’ A Way

5 Screenwriting rules to improve your writing | Hardy Stevenson

Breaking the screenwriting rules from the inside out | Lee Jessop

6 Tips For Writing A (Money-Making) Script From A Billion Dollar Screenwriting Duo | Fast To Create

Screenwriting: A few hard and fast rules | Persistent Pen

Top 10 screenwriting tips from script to screen | Filmmaker Magazine

10 Rules for using parentheticals | Script Wrecked

Do you believe in script writing rules? | Script Larva

12 Rules to get your screenplay rejected right away | EZine Articles

The ridiculous rules of screenwriting | Lisa McNamee

The 5 immutable laws of screenwriting | About Freelance Writing

36 Basic screenwriting tips | Unforeseen Consequences

7 Strategy tips from the world of screenwriting | Big Spaceship

The three C’s of screenwriting | Script Magazine

Screenwriting: 10 things you need & 10 things that really, really help | Screenwriting Spark

Click here for more Screenwriting Resources.

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The Screenwriter’s Guide To Character Introductions

The Screenwriter’s Guide To Character Introductions


SPARK PLUG | 13 Screenwriting Books To Help You Write Better Characters

SPARK PLUG | 6 Resources To Help You Name Your Character


How To Introduce A Character | John August

Minor Characters Don’t Need Major Introductions | Writer’s Store

Character Introductions | Go Into The Story

Crucial Tip for Writing Your Screenplay: Hero Introductions | Scribe Meets World

Compelling Characters & The First Impression | Script Anatomy

Character Introductions | Alexandra Sokoloff

Introduce Your Character To The Reader | Screenwriter To Screenwriter

Character Introductions & Voice | Just Effing Entertain Me

How Best To Introduce A Character | Bang 2 Write

Character Introductions | Let’s Schmooze

When Characters Have Multiple Names | John August

How To Introduce A Character In A Script | Mentorless

4 Rules For Writing Amazing Character Introductions | Landlocked Screenwriter

Introducing Your Main Character | Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

Cliched Character Introductions | Script Magazine

Finding Your Character’s Voice | Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

Introducing Too Many Characters At Once | The Athletic Nerd

Three Ways To Introduce Your Protagonist | Jared’s Inkwell

Writing Great Character Introductions: T2 | Script Doctor Eric

Dual Protagonists | NYC Screenwriters Collective

Generic Character Introductions/Names | Screenwriting Goldmine


Character Introductions Part 1: Why Are They So Important?

Character Introductions Part 2: Making A Strong First Impression

Character Introductions Part 3: Editorializing

Character Introductions Part 4: Narrative Voice


Introducing A Main Character In Act 2

Introducing A Main Character After The Inciting Incident

Withholding A Characters Name Until It Is Spoken In Dialogue

Introducing Characters That Are Heard Before They Are Seen


10 Ways To An Unforgettable Intro | Empire

50 Greatest Movie Entrances Of All Time | Total Film

Film’s Greatest Entrances | Shortlist

20 Best Movie Entrances Of All Time | Taste Of Cinema

First Impressions: The Best Character Introductions | io9

Five Of The Best Character Entrances In Movies | Yahoo Movies

Top 10 Film Character Introductions | The Script Lab

Greatest Character Introductions | The Guardian

Top 10 Movie Character Introductions | And So It Begins

Unfortgettable Screenplay Character Introductions | Screenwriting U



I’ve included the following clip from Pirates of the Caribbean as it’s one of my favorite character entrances of all time:


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The Ultimate Screenwriter’s Guide To Twists & Turns

The Ultimate Screenwriter’s Guide To Twists & Turns

Who doesn’t love a good mind blowing plot twist!?

Epic movie moments you never saw coming make you wonder how the filmmaker(s) got the better of you.  A well executed twist in a screenplay is difficult to construct but so overwhelmingly rewarding when it works.  Watching a big twist on the big screen is inspiring but even more so if you created the moment yourself.

Below you’ll find over 30 screenwriting resources that will help you create and/or refine twists in your narrative.  Make every moment unpredictable and keep your audience guessing.  Then, just when they think they have your screenplay figured out, hit them with another unforgettable turn!

Tips on characters, believability, surprise endings & more await!  Plus complete guides to the most famous movie twists of all time!



Story Plot Points: Twists & Turns | The Script Lab

The Five Types Of Twist Endings | Alec Worley

Don’t Withhold; Reveal And Complicate | Flying Wrestler

Screenwriting: Turn, Turn, Turn | Lit Reactor

Twist And Doubt: Movie Plot Twists & Surprise Endings | Go Into The Story

25 Turns, Pivots & Twists To Complicate Your Story | Terrible Minds

Twists In The Tale | Write So Fluid

How To Write Great Twists For Your Third Act | Movie Outline

Twists and Turns | Let’s Schmooze

Dramatic Irony & Twists In The Tale | Bang 2 Write

Twist The Predictable | The Story Bodyguard

How To Write A Good Plot Twist | Arbitrary Nonsense

How To Construct An Effective Plot Twist | gkbc

13 Plot Twists That Utterly Ruined Good Horror Movies | Blastr

Twist Endings | Let’s Schmooze

Plot Twist Generator | Writer’s Den

5 Ways To Write Killer Plot Twists | Helping Writers Become Authors

Four Kinds Of Plot Twists, Three Of Which Suck | Hey Ash


The 50 Best Movie Twists | Complex

30 Greatest Twist Endings | Total Film

5 Awesome Ways Famous Plot Twists Were Kept Secret | Cracked

10 Awful Plot Twists That Completely Ruined Great Movies | What Culture

Top 10 Best Film Twists | The Script Lab

The 10 Most Shocking Movie Plot Twists | The Richest

Greatest Movie Plot Twists, Spoilers & Surprise Endings | Filmsite

20 Shocking Movie Plot Twists | Digital Spy

The Possibility Of A Post-Plot Twist Era | Film School Rejects

50 Best Movie Twist Endings Of All Time | Bro Bible

11 Great Films Ruined By Terrible Plot Twists | We Got This Covered

Top 15 Plot Twists In Movie History | Style Blazer

18 Famous Movie Twists Revealed | Buzz Feed


50 Screenwriting Resources To Help You Write Outlines

The Ultimate Scene Writing Guide For Screenwriters

The Screenwriter’s Guide To Plot Holes

The Ultimate List Of Movie Clichés For Screenwriters

35 Resources Focused On Developing Spec Scripts

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The Ultimate Guide To Screenwriting Mistakes

The Ultimate Guide To Screenwriting Mistakes

Screenwriting mistakes.  We’ve all made them along the way.  Some are easier to spot than others but if you can spot them, it can mean the difference between a trash can and a producers eyes.

If you haven’t read How Not to Write a Screenplay: 101 Common Mistakes Most Screenwriters Make put it on your list.  It’s a fantastic book to read before, during and after you’ve completed a screenplay.  It’s especially helpful to have around when you’re rewriting your masterpiece.

In my opinion, the greatest mistake a screenwriter can make (especially if you’re new to the craft) is assume their first draft is perfect.  There isn’t a single successful screenwriter on the planet who types FADE OUT, hits print and flicks a green light next to their desk.  You have to perfect your story!  Rewriting should be a rewarding experience.  Treat the rewrite process like a conquest and each squashed mistake as a victory!

Below you’ll find over 30 articles which combined offer hundreds of fantastic tips and mistakes to avoid.  Take your screenwriting to the next level and check them all out.

SPARK PLUG | Be sure to check out The Ultimate List of Screenwriting Rules, Tips, Laws, Guidelines, Principles & More


This Scene Sucks: 15 Screenwriting Mistakes To Avoid | Script Magazine

Top 10 Ways To Screw Up Your Screenplay | The Script Lab

6 Rookie Mistakes In Screenwriting | ScreenCraft

The 5 Biggest Format Mistakes Spec Screenplays Make | Bang 2 Write

The Most Common Reasons Why Scripts Are Rejected | Script Magazine

Confessions Of A Genius Script Reader | Film Threat

38 Reasons Why Your Screenplay Isn’t Getting Recommended by a Script Reader | No Film School

10 Reasons Your Screenplay Sucks (And How To Fix It) | Lit Reactor

The 7 Mistakes Rookie Screenwriters Make | Raindance

10 Format Mistakes | The Story Department

5 Big Screenwriting Mistakes, 5 Big Fixes | Script Shadow

An Editing Checklist | The Black Board

Common Mistakes Of Novice Screenwriters | Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

13 Things Bad Screenwriters Commonly Do | The Writer’s Store

Patterns In Screenwriters | Just Effing Entertain Me

Fatal Flaws In Screenwriting | Mystery Man On Film

10 Mistakes Every Screenwriter Makes | Filmmaking Review

Top 5 Screenwriting Mistakes | Stigmata Script

The Biggest Mistake Writers Make and How to Avoid it | Writer Unboxed

9 Easily Preventable Mistakes Writers Make with Dialogue | The Creative Penn

3 Most Common Bad Screenwriter Mistakes | Script Monk

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Distracting Your Readers | ScreenCraft

9 Common Script Formatting Mistakes That Will Kill Your Script’s Chances | Screenplay Readers

5 Screenwriting Pitfalls To Avoid | Script Frenzy

Avoid My Mistakes | Let’s Schmooze

10 Red Flags of The Amateur Script | The Story Department

Top 15 Mistakes That Screenwriters Make | Hidden Hollywood News

10 Stupid Mistakes Screenwriters Make | Raindance

The Six Fatal Errors In Screenwriting | Screenwriter Showcase

Common Screenplay Mistakes | Scribophile

Avoid The Most Common Screenwriting Mistakes | Examiner

Screenwriters, Sharpen Your Pencils: 10 Mistakes to Avoid when Writing a Screenplay | Theater Checklist

The Top 4 Mistakes Screenwriters Make | Suite 101

Six Quick Tips To Not Lose The Reader On Page One | Movie Bytes

Common Screenwriting Mistakes That Ruin Your Screenplay | Tom Lazarus

My Favorite Flubs | Script Magazine

Top 5 Mistakes When Selling A Screenplay | Screenwriting U

5 Story Mistakes Even Good Writers Make | Writer’s Digest

The Single Biggest Mistake That I See From New Writers: Their Concept is Not Marketable | Selling Your Screenplay

The Most Common Dialogue Errors | The Story Department

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SPARK PLUG | The 15 Platinum Rules of Screenwriting

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Screenplay Tips: How To Write Great Supporting Characters

Screenplay Tips: How To Write Great Supporting Characters


Writing main characters is (and should be) your primary focus when you’re developing a new screenplay.  However, when your major plot points and character arcs are in place, you need to fill out your world with interesting secondary characters.  Writing great supporting characters takes great skill and an enormous amount of creativity and originality.  Every minor character needs to feel real.  Every character is an individual with goals and a unique personality.

They may not be the main character in your screenplay but they are the stars of their own movies. 

Below you’ll find over 40 screenwriting resources including extensive articles, analysis, videos, tips & more.  You’ll also find a number of resources that break down the best minor film characters of all time!  These links will surely help you make your supporting characters memorable and entertaining!

Check them all out.  Then write!

XTRA SPARK | The Screenwriter’s Guide To Movie Villains

XTRA SPARK | The Screenwriter’s Guide To Character Introductions


10 Secrets to Creating Unforgettable Supporting Characters | io9

The Value of Interesting Support Characters | The Story Department

Supporting Characters Gone Wild | Script Magazine

GUIDE | Creating Characters | The Script Lab

Top 10 Tips About Writing Supporting Characters | Screenwriter’s Utopia

Minor Characters Don’t Need Major Introductions | Writer’s Store

Theme/Minor Characters | Let’s Schmooze

4 Tips To Write An Unusual Character | Bang 2 Write

Are Your Secondary Characters Second Best? | Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

Support Group – Why Well-Developed Supporting Characters Are Crucial | Movie Scope Magazine

Don’t Let Fake Minor Characters Ruin Your Story | Standout Books

How To Write Effective Supporting Characters | Writer’s Digest

On Writing Memorable (Minor) Characters | Writability

Minor Characters, Major Opportunities | The Bitter Script Reader

Supporting Characters And ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ | Script Magazine

Daniel Schechter, Supporting Characters | Filmmaker Magazine

How to Create Original Characters in Your Supporting Cast | Scribe Meets World

When Secondary Characters Fall In Love | Script Wrecked

Everything I Needed to Know About Character Development I Learned From a Fish | Absolute Write

3 Ways to Write Stupendous Supporting Characters | Helping Writers Become Authors

6 Tips For Writing Minor Characters | Write On Sisters

Writer’s Den: Developing Supporting Characters | Fantasy Faction

Character Outlining | Script Shadow

Types Of Supporting Characters | Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

Top 5 Ways Writers Screw Up Their Characters | Bang 2 Write

20 Of The Greatest Minor Characters In Modern Movies | Taste Of Cinema

Techniques for Creating Great Secondary Characters Used in “Juno” | Beyond Structure

Getting The Most From Secondary Characters In 3 Steps | Writer Unboxed

How Minor Characters Help You Discover Your Theme | Helping Writers Become Authors

Avoiding Stereotypes In Minor Characters | Film Script Writing


10 Supporting Film Characters That Completely Stole The Spotlight | What Culture

The 27 Greatest Minor Film Characters Of All Time | Total Film

10 Supporting Characters Who Totally Deserve Their Own Movie | Flavor Wire

10 Best Supporting Characters In Animated History | Skymovies

10 Most Overrated Supporting Characters In Movie History | VH1

12 Superhero Supporting Characters Who Could Make Awesome Movies | Blastr

2014’s Supporting Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin Off | Den Of Geek

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BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS | 13 Screenwriting Books To Help You Write Great Characters

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How To Make The First Ten Pages Of Your Screenplay Great!

How To Make The First Ten Pages Of Your Screenplay Great!

Make your first 10 pages great!

Grabbing and holding your readers interest in such a short amount of time is a crucial skill to master.  Your screenplay depends on how well you establish characters we are meant to care about and the world they live in.  You have to introduce the central theme of the story, teach the rules and above all else, entertain.

Within the first 10 pages of a screenplay you have to make a promise to your reader.  “Stick with me and I promise you won’t be disappointed.”  Of course, there are screenplays with exceptional openings and fizzle in the end.  There’s nothing more frustrating than a broken promise.  That’s why it’s important to remember that writing 10 fantastic pages great merely hooks your readers in.  You still have to deliver 80-110 pages of cinematic genius worthy of a readers time. Every page matters.  Every word matters.

However, you have to gain the readers trust in order to convince them to give your 11th page a shot.

Below you’ll find a huge collection of articles to help make your first 10 pages great.  Read them all.  Then write!

Top Tips To Tantalize An Executive To Love The First Ten Pages Of A Screenplay | Script Magazine

The First 10 Pages: 5 Major Rules | The Script Lab

10 Questions For Your First 10 Pages | Bang 2 Write

What Do Executives Want In Your First 10 Pages | Script Magazine

The First Ten Pages Of A Screenplay | Flying Wrestler

Rate The First 10 Pages Of Your Script | Raindance

The Secret to a Great First 10 Pages | Script Shadow

Building The World Of Your Screenplay: The First Ten Pages | Script Magazine

Hooking Your Audience: The First Ten Pages | Script Angel

Do Readers Only Read The First 10 Pages? | Screen Craft

Your First Ten Pages Can’t Suck | The Bitter Script Reader

How 600 Seconds Can Kill Your Script Dead: The First 10 Pages | Bang 2 Write

The First Ten Pages | Ruth Atkinson

Why Your First 10 Pages Count | Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

What Hollywood Script Readers Really Think About Your Screenplay | No Film School

Screenwriting Lesson: True Grit (The First 10 Pages) | Go Into The Story

Screenwriting Tips: 10 Beats To A Better Beginning | Movie Maker

10 Questions For Your First Ten Pages | The Black Board

The First 10 Pages: How To Hook The Audience | AWN

Make The First Ten Pages Of Your Script Rock | Dad With A Pen

The First 10 Pages | Danny Stack

Your First 10 Pages | Movie Outline

The First Act: Starting Strong | LA Screenwriter

Blake Snyder’s Take On The First 10 Pages | Script Readers Digest

The First Ten Pages Of A Script | Write So Fluid

The First 10 Pages Of Your Screenplay Rock! Now What? | The Athletic Nerd

Writing For The Screen: The First Ten Pages Are “The Only” Ten Pages | Show Watcher

RESOURCE | 1st10pages.com

COLLECTION | First 10 Pages Analysis | The Script Lab

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Screenplay Synopsis & Treatment Treasure Trove: 30 Resources To Help You Develop Your Script

Screenplay Synopsis & Treatment Treasure Trove: 30 Resources To Help You Develop Your Script

Having trouble writing a treatment or synopsis for your screenplay?  Looking for tips to help you develop your screenplay?  The collection of links below features tons of great advice and tips to help you get the most out of your development process.


Here are 37+ resources to help you write better loglines & over 50 resources to help improve your outlines.


Writing A Synopsis | Scriptwriting In The U.K

For The Synopsis Writing Challenged | Where The Map Ends

Writing A Synopsis Of Your Movie Script | Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

Writing A Synopsis For Your Screenplay | Selling Your Screenplay

Overcoming The Fear Of Writing A Synopsis | Absolute Write

How To Write A Synopsis | Scribendi

Should You Reveal The Ending In Your Synopsis? | Screenplay-Contest

Suffering The Synopsis | Writer’s Conference

How To Write A Synopsis For Screenwriters | Suite 101

The Difference Between Treatments and Synopsis | Raindance

How To Get’Em To Read Your Script | The Writer’s Store

How To Write A Screenplay Synopsis For An Agent | Bright Bulb


What Does A Good Treatment Look Like? | Go Into The Story

10 Steps To A Great Treatment | Screenwriting Goldmine

The Treatment Debate: To Write The Story Or Not | My Blank Page

How Important Is The Treatment | Screenwriter On Location

How To Start A Screenplay: Treatment or Free Fall? | Blue Cat

How To Write A Treatment | Movie Outline

10 Steps To Writing A Treatment | Shaula Evans

Specs, Treatments and Pitches | John August

On Writing Treatments | The Screenwriting Process

How Long Should Your My Treatment Be & How Detailed? | Story Coaching

25 Things Your Should Know About Queries, Synopses & Treatments | Terrible Minds

Does Your Screenplay Need A Treatment Or Synopsis | Writer’s Digest

What Is A Treatment & Why Do I Need One? | The Writer’s Store

The Treatment | Where’s The Drama

How Long Should Your Treatment Be? | Screen Lab

Writing Treatments That Sell | Filmmaker.com

How To Write A Film Treatment | Lights Film School

How To Write A Screenplay Treatment | Suite 101

Treatments, Outlines & Beat Sheets | Let’s Schmooze

Writing Script Treatments | Outside Hollywood

How To Write A Script Treatment: 5 Steps | Wiki How

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