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Ultimate Screenwriting Guide: How To Create Conflict In Your Screenplay

Ultimate Screenwriting Guide: How To Create Conflict In Your Screenplay

CONFLICT.  Without conflict, there is no drama.  It’s the central element that makes your characters in your screenplay interesting.  Below you’ll find over 50 screenwriting resources to help you master conflict in your screenplay.

Thanks to Scriptnotes’ Conflict Episode for inspiring this Ultimate Screenwriting Guide!


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PODCAST | The Conflict Episode | Scriptnotes (Read The Transcript Here)


If you’re serious about mastering conflict in your screenplay, I highly recommend listening to the Scriptnotes episode linked above.  Craig Mazin & John August offer extremely valuable advice while examining the following 6 types of conflict in great detail:

1- An Arguement

2- Struggle Against Circumstance

3- Internal Conflict/Unfulfille Desire

4- Avoiding A Negative Outcome

5- Confusion

6- Dilemma


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