The Ultimate Short Film Screenwriting Guide

The Ultimate Short Film Screenwriting Guide

short film script can be many things.  It can be a calling card, a proof of concept, a competition winner, an artistic expression and, of course, a short film.  The obvious goal of any short screenplay is to become a short film but we’ll get to that.  Whether you are planning to produce your screenplay or not, you still have to write something worth producing.

Tackling short film scripts can be intimidating.  After all, completing a short film is a tough task and even if you do finish it, the festival circuit is incredibly competitive.  The competition is equally fierce in short screenplay contests.  But seriously, if you’re focused on these things, your screenplay is doomed before you type FADE IN…

Don’t think about what your screenplay may become at first.  Focus on writing something you can be proud of.  Write a short film that will resonate with readers.  Write something memorable.  Write something amazing!

That doesn’t sound so hard does it?  It shouldn’t matter what challenges lie ahead.  What should matter most is the story you want to tell.

Right now, your challenge isn’t getting a short film into festivals or winning competitions.  Your challenge is to tell a good story.

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In the beginning, developing a short screenplay is the same as developing a feature length script.  You need a general idea of what you story is.  Create a logline to build off of.  Next you can expand it into an outline.  If you choose to expand your idea even further you can write a treatment.

The next step is crucial, painful, groundbreaking, frustrating, inspiring, complex, simple and FUN all at once.  So take a deep breath and JUST WRITE IT.

Below you’ll find a ton of articles and resources written to help you write better short screenplays.  Included amongst these screenwriting resources are articles focused on what makes great short films.  They are full of great tips you can work backwards from.  Explore them all and get inspired!

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While this collection of resources is a great place to start, nothing beats reading screenplays and watching short films.  YouTube, Vimeo and many movie blogs (Geek Tyrant & Film School Rejects to name a few) are absolutely overflowing with incredible shorts.  Remember, every time you hit play you’re enhancing your short film knowledge AND supporting hard working filmmakers & screenwriters.

You have access to an unlimited amount of short films.  Become a student of the craft and challenge yourself to become a better screenwriter every single day.  Your own personal College Of Short Films is a few clicks away at ALL TIMES.

Just remember:

There may be an unlimited amount of shorts out there but there are also unlimited story ideas in your own imagination.  It’s time to write them down and share them with the world!

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