The Ultimate Screenwriting Software Guide

The Ultimate Screenwriting Software Guide

Introducing The Ultimate Screenwriting Software Guide!

When The Screenwriting Spark first launched, it did so with 3 BIG features:

The Ultimate Guide To Screenwriting Websites is an ever expanding list of screenwriting websites and blogs.

The Top 25 Screenwriting Blogs ranks the very best in inspiring original screenwriting content

50 Screenwriters To Follow On Twitter highlights must follow screenwriters who regularly tweet gold

Since then, I’ve also added a number of resource collections to help you write better loglines, outlines & treatments.  Guides that break down the rules of screenwriting and the common mistakes screenwriters make.  I’ve introduced link collections focused on Specs, Titles, Villains, Plot Holes, Blockbusters, Podcasts, Forums, Short Screenplays and more!

All this in addition to inspiring content found around the web, epic screenwriting videos and interviews, contagious quotes, screenwriting book lists and my own thoughts on the craft…

It’s been a fun first year to say the least.

Today, I’m launching a complete guide to screenwriting software.  You’ll find breakdowns on over 50 applications on every platform imaginable.  There are also reviews, videos, comparisons and much more.  All in one place.  If you’re researching the perfect screenwriting software, The Ultimate Guide should be your first stop.

To compliment this new guide, I’ve written my thoughts on the software I use and the future of screenwriting software.  It’s my hope this series will help you choose the perfect screenwriting software for YOU.  The Guide is also far from complete.  It will continue to evolve alongside the software it features.

Check out the new pages and share with others:) Then write!


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