The Ultimate Screenwriting Rewrite Guide

The Ultimate Screenwriting Rewrite Guide


Welcome to The Ultimate Screenwriting Rewrite Guide! Below you’ll find over 50 screenwriting resources to help you deal with script notes, solve problems, analyze every detail & rewrite your script smartly.  Combined, these resources offer hundreds of tips, tricks and more to ensure every single word is perfect in your screenplay.

GUIDE | The Ultimate Grammar & Format Guide For Screenwriters

XTRA | The Screenplay Rewrite Road Map


Rewriting Your Script (10 Part Series) | Go Into The Story

How To Rewrite | John August

The Shredder: Can Your Story Survive Rewriting | Script Magazine

Screenwriting Is Always Rewriting | My Blank Page

Four Star Screenwriters Talk About Rewrite Hell | Vulture

How To Rewrite Your Screenplay | Final Draft

Rewriting & Feedback | Bang 2 Write

Rewrite Your Script: 3 Angles of Attack for Rewriting A Screenplay | Movie Outline

Rewriting Your Screenplay: The Road To Your Audience | Blue Cat

Keys To Revisiting Your Script For First Time Writers | Screen Craft

Adjust Your Attitude About Rewrites | Script Magazine

6 Steps To Rewriting Your Work | Amy Suto

3 Rewrite Tips That Will Save Your Script | Script Quack

The Holistic Rewrite of Your Film Script | Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

5 Ways To Keep Up Stamina For Rewrites (And How To Know When It’s Done) | Bang 2 Write

The 5 Steps To Rewriting | Raindance

Rewrites: The Thinklikea Method for Screenwriters | Mastering Film

Todd Berger On Rewriting | Creative Screenwriting

Batman Begins A Screenplay Rewrite | The Athletic Nerd

How To Rewrite | Script Shadow

Screenplay Rewriting | 4Filmmaking

Rewriting The Rewrite In 5 Steps | CJ’s Corner

Rewriting From A Blank Page | John August


An Editing Checklist | The Black Board

38 Reasons Why Your Script Isn’t Getting Recommended By A Script Reader | No Film School

10 Reasons Your Screenplay Sucks & How To Fix It | Lit Reactor

Fixing ‘The Problem’ In Your Script | The Script Lab

5 Magic Questions For Tough Scenes | Script Quack

The Ultimate Scene Writing Guide For Screenwriters | Screenwriting Spark

500+ Screenwriting Rules, Tips, Laws, Guidelines & Principles | Screenwriting Spark

The Ultimate Guide To Screenwriting Mistakes | Screenwriting Spark

I Will Not Read Your F*cking Script | Village Voice


The Value Of Discussion Your Script Notes | Script Magazine

6 Ways To Give Yourself Better Script Notes | Screenplay Readers

4 Tips For Handling Criticism & Notes | Screen Craft

How To Deal With Script Notes | My Blank Page

Dealing With Screenplay Feedback | Flying Wrestler

Tips For Writers Receiving Feedback On Their Screenplay | The Tiny Protagonist

Getting Honest Feedback | Script Magazine

10 Things To Remember About Constructive Script Criticism | Raindance

Endless Producer Notes | John August

The Art & Craft Of Executing Script Notes | My Blank Page

Notes On Notes | Script Magazine

How To Deal With Notes | The Jobbing Screenwriter

Notes.  They’re No Fun | Your Screenplay Sucks

Screenplay Notes: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly | My Blank Page

13 Rules For Giving Notes To Writers | Filmmaking Review


How Not to Write a Screenplay: 101 Common Mistakes Most Screenwriters Make

Your Screenplay Sucks: 100 Ways To Make It Great

The Screenwriter’s Problem Solver: How to Recognize, Identify, and Define Screenwriting Problems

Rewrite:  A Step-by-Step Guide to Strengthen Structure, Characters, and Drama in your Screenplay



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