The Ultimate Screenwriter’s Guide To Twists & Turns

The Ultimate Screenwriter’s Guide To Twists & Turns

Who doesn’t love a good mind blowing plot twist!?

Epic movie moments you never saw coming make you wonder how the filmmaker(s) got the better of you.  A well executed twist in a screenplay is difficult to construct but so overwhelmingly rewarding when it works.  Watching a big twist on the big screen is inspiring but even more so if you created the moment yourself.

Below you’ll find over 30 screenwriting resources that will help you create and/or refine twists in your narrative.  Make every moment unpredictable and keep your audience guessing.  Then, just when they think they have your screenplay figured out, hit them with another unforgettable turn!

Tips on characters, believability, surprise endings & more await!  Plus complete guides to the most famous movie twists of all time!



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