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The Ultimate List of Screenwriting Rules, Tips, Laws, Principles, Guidelines & More

The Ultimate List of Screenwriting Rules, Tips, Laws, Principles, Guidelines & More

Screenwriting rules…  Foolproof tips and guidelines to help you craft something inspiring.  Laws and principles that lead you down the creative path without losing your way.  Of course, rules in any creative medium are always meant to be bent, broken and reshaped depending on the project.  Regardless, there are so many sound tips out there it was time someone collected them in one place.

Below is an absolutely gigantic collection of screenwriting rules.  Over 50 articles by screenwriters of all levels written to inspire screenwriters.  There are literally hundreds of amazing tips for you to digest and apply to your own writing.

SPARK PLUG | The Ultimate Guide To Screenwriting Mistakes

What do these lists have in common?  Click here to see The Platinum Rules of Screenwriting.


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Thirteen screenwriting rules that can never be broken | Pete McCormack

The unrules of screenwriting | L.A Screenwriters

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First 10 pages: 5 Major rules | The Script Lab

The ten rules of screenwriting | Film Slate

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Meet the reader: The (real) rules of screenwriting | Script Magazine

How to write Groundhog Day: 10 Rules for screenwriters | The Daily Beast

8 Rules for surviving screenwriting | Darlene Craviotto

10 basic rules of screenwriting | Startup Nation

The unrules of screenwriting: Rick Suvalles List | Scooty Woopin’ A Way

5 Screenwriting rules to improve your writing | Hardy Stevenson

Breaking the screenwriting rules from the inside out | Lee Jessop

6 Tips For Writing A (Money-Making) Script From A Billion Dollar Screenwriting Duo | Fast To Create

Screenwriting: A few hard and fast rules | Persistent Pen

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The three C’s of screenwriting | Script Magazine

Screenwriting: 10 things you need & 10 things that really, really help | Screenwriting Spark

Click here for more Screenwriting Resources.

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