The Ultimate List Of Movie Clichés For Screenwriters

The Ultimate List Of Movie Clichés For Screenwriters


Your story is cliché…  This is a sentence screenwriters fear.  No one wants to pour their heart and soul into a screenplay only to learn 17 thousand similar movies, plots & arcs got there first.  Originality is the engine that powers a successful screenplay.  You can avoid clichés or embrace them by turning them upside down.

Movie clichés are not to be feared.  They are simply reminders of how difficult writing a screenplay can be.  Obstacles will be placed in front of you but conquering them is one of the many things that fuels our addiction to the craft.

Take chances.  Surprise your readers.  Tell an amazing story!

Below you’ll find well over a thousand movie clichés grouped into easy to navigate categories.  First up you’ll find common screenwriting clichés, followed by a massive list of movie tropes that include videos, tips & more!

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