The Ultimate Guide To Writing Documentaries

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Documentaries

The documentary.  A fascinating creative endeavor.  The home of the passion project.  Documentary filmmakers spend years of their lives on a topic.  They immerse themselves in the world they intend to capture and surround themselves with an explosion of carefully curated research.  To create a documentary you have to be meticulous.  You have to be a perfectionist and your focus on the details must be razor sharp.

But what about writing?  Documentaries evolve as the production process progresses.  When I began researching how to write documentaries the most common topic I came across was ‘WHEN do you write?’

Below you’ll find a collection of articles and videos that will guide you through the documentary writing process.  Every project is different but there is a ton of good advice below.  If you stumble across a resource that belongs email, comment, tweet or post a link!

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