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The Ultimate Screenwriting Website Guide is a sortable (and searchable) table featuring the best screenwriting sites on the web.  The table includes a brief description and a new section highlighting which sites offer services for writers.

You can also see which websites are active/inactive.  However, don’t let the inactive label deter you from visiting.  Some sites may be dormant but they still contain valuable tips and information on the craft of screenwriting.

Do you know a website that’s missing from this list?  Tweet @writingspark or email jason@screenwritingspark.com.

XTRA | The Top 25 Screenwriting Blogs | The Best Screenwriters To Follow On Twitter

ADELAIDE SCREENWRITERBlogActive"Screenwriting, Movies, Tuckshop & Charm School."
ADVICE TO WRITERSBlogActive"Writerly wisdom of the ages."
AMAZON STUDIOSContestActive"Get your movie made."
ANDY COUGHLANBlogInactive"Writing, Filmmaking and Geekery"
ASK THE WRITERBlogInactive"Interviews with screenwriters"
BAMBOO KILLERBlogInactive"I write screenplays with lots of fight scenes. I generally tell the truth."
BANG 2 WRITEblogActiveTop 25"Writing craft tips for screenwriters and novelists."
BBC WRITER'S ROOMSiteActiveBBC writer's room home page.
BLAKE SNYDERSiteInactiveAuthor of the Save the Cat book series.
BLUE CATContestActiveScreenwriting competition
BOB DEROSA WRITERBlogActive"I write Movies, TV and Theater."
BY KEVIN LEVINEBlogActive"Ken Levine is an Emmy winning writer/director/producer/major league baseball announcer."
CELTXSoftwareActive"Tell better stories."
CINEPHILIA & BEYONDBlogActive"Cinema, Screenwriting & More"
CINESTORY FOUNDATIONSiteActive"Mentorship Matters"
CLARK BLOGBlogActive"TV Writer/Screenwriter/Playwright in LA"
COMPLICATIONS ENSUEBlogActiveTop 25"The Crafty TV and Screenwriting Blog"
COREY MANDELLSiteYesActive"Professional Screenwriting Workshops."
CRACKING YARNSSiteYesActiveScreenwriting Courses
DANNY STACKBlogYesActiveTop 25Scriptwriting In The UK
DAVID ANAXAGORASBlogActive"Writing Adventures."
DESK OF AMY SUTOBlogActive"Writing, running and eating danger for breakfast."
DOM'S WORLDBlogActiveTop 25"The scribblings of an award winning screenwriter."
DONE DEAL PROFESSIONALBlogActiveDeals, Development News, Contest and more...
DOUG RICHARDSONBlogActive"Everything a writer needs to know about breaking into Hollywood.  AKA Warning.  They don't teach this stuff in film school."
DREW YANNO'S BLOGBlogInactive"Drew Yanno shares his thoughts on writing books, films and other fine stuff."
DREW'S SCRIPT-O-RAMAScreenplaysActiveTons of links to screenplays, transcripts, TV scripts and more.
EMERGING SCREENWRITERSContestActiveAnnual Screenwriting Competition
FADE INSoftwareActive"Professional Screenwriting Software"
FADE IN MAGAZINEBlogActiveA collection of industry links and articles.
FAST SCREENPLAYSiteYesActive"The Complete Screenwriting Process"
FEEDBACK FRIDAYSiteYesActiveFeedback on your work every Friday.
FILM SCRIPT READERSiteYesActiveFilm Script Reader
FILM SCRIPT WRITINGBlogActive"Script your future."
FILTER APPS (SCRIPTWRITE)SoftwareActive"Screenwriting for the iPad and iPhone done right."
FINAL DRAFTSoftwareActiveIndustry leading screenwriting software
FLYING WRESTLERBlogYesActiveTop 25"Thoughts on screenwriting from writer-producer Erik Bork."
FRANKENSCRIPTBlogInactive"An online screenwriting journal."
GEOFF LATULIPPEBlogActive"The official home of mediocre screenwriter Geoff Latulippe."
GIDEON'S SCREENWRITINGBlogActiveTop 25"Tips to improve your writing and boost your career."
GIVE ME BACK MY PENBlogInactiveScript Tips
GO INTO THE STORYBlogYesActiveTop 25"Official Screenwriting Blog of The Black List"
GOOD IN A ROOMSiteYesActiveTop 25Write. Pitch. Sell.
I BLAME NINJASBlogInactive"A screenwriting blog."
INDEX CARDSoftwareActive"A corkboard writing app for iPad that makes it easy to capture, organize, and compile your ideas."
INDUSTRIAL SCRIPTSSiteYesActiveTop 25Screenwriting consultants.
InkTipSiteYesActive"Where everyone goes for scripts and writers."
INT. JASON ARNOPP'S MIND - DAY/NIGHTSiteYesActive"Scriptwriter and Novelist Jason Arnopp greets you."
INTERNATIONAL SCREENWRITERS' ASSOCIATIONSocialActive"A community that supports you with the resources and prospects that can propel your career!"
JAMIE LEE SCOTTBlogActive"Strange musings from author Jamie Lee Scott."
JANE IN PROGRESSBlogInactive"Home of Jane Espenson"
JOHN AUGUSTBlogActiveTop 25"A ton of useful information about screenwriting."
KEEP WRITINGSiteYesActiveby David Trottier author of The Screenwriting Bible
KING IS A FINKBlogActive"Writers.  Filmmakers.  Mischief Architects."
KIYONG'S BLOG OF CREATIVE PURSUITSBlogActive"TV Writing, Filmmaking, Illustration."
L.A SCREENWRITERBlogActiveTop 25"Articles, news & resources for the working & aspiring screenwriter."
LEE JESSUPSiteYesActive"No-nonsense career coaching for the scrappy screenwriter."
LET'S SCHMOOZEBlogActive"Doug Eboch on screenwriting."
LIVING THE ROMANTIC COMEDYBlogActive"The delights and torments of romance (funny or not) as portrayed in the movies and experienced in so-called real life."
LOGLINE IT!SiteActive"The world's only site dedicated to loglines for film."
LOS ANGELES WRITERS GROUPSiteYesActive"Creative writing workshops in L.A."
MARILYN HOROWITZSiteYesActive"Don't get it right.  Get it written."
MATRIARCHAL SCRIPT PARADIGMBlogActive"A female perspective of screenwriting."
MAXIMUM ZBlogActiveTop 25"The ongoing saga of a screenwriter who also works in radio and makes a mighty fine pie."
MOVIE BYTESContestActive"Screenwriting contests and markets."
MOVIE OUTLINESoftwareActiveScreenwriting tips
MY BLANK PAGEBlogYesActiveTop 25Tons of useful and insightful screenwriting articles by Scriptcat.
MY PDF SCRIPTSScreenplaysActive"Read.  Learn.  Write."
NARRATIVE FIRSTBlogActive"Narrative science and the movies."
NO BULL SCRIPTSiteYesActive"Hate me today...  Love me in your acceptance speech."
OFFICIAL SCREENWRITINGBlogActive"Screenwriting and the entertainment industry as it relates to filmmakers."
PAGE 85SoftwareActive"Where creativity meets productivity for screenwriters."
PITCH FESTContestActive"The Great American PitchFest."
PITCH FEST TVContestActive"The Great American PitchFest."
PRINCESS SCRIBEBlogYesActiveTop 25"Life in Hollywood"
RAVING DAVEBlogActive"So you want to write a screenplay?"
READ, WATCH, WRITESiteYesActive"What's your story?"
REDDIT SCREENWRITINGSocialActiveA screenwriting community.
ROADMAP WRITERSSite YesActive"Because your story deserves to be told."
ROB EDWARDSBlogYesActive"Eradicating Bad Screenwriting Forever."
ROBERT MCKEESiteYesActiveOfficial site of author Robert McKee
RUTH ATKINSONSiteYesActive"Script consultant & story editor."
SCREAM WRITERBlogActive"An aspiring writer tries to scare up a sale."
SCREENCRAFTSiteYesActiveTop 25"The Craft Of Screenwriting. The Business Of Hollywood"
SCREENPLAY COVERAGESiteYesActive"Professional screenplay coverage services."
SCREENPLAY ISLESBlogInactive"Independent reviews of screenplays, film and television."
SCREENPLAY.COMSoftwareActiveMovie Magic Screenwriter, Dramitica Pro and more...
SCREENPLAYS FOR YOUScreenplaysInactive"Movie Screenplays"
SCREENPLAY STORYSiteYesActive"Screenplay development reimagined"
SCREENWRITER 911SiteYesActive"Cut to the chase.  What you need to know about screenwriting."
SCREENWRITER WRITINGBlogActiveby Denise Cruz-Castino
SCREENWRITERS ETCBlogActive"Screenwriting News from around the world."
SCREENWRITING FROM IOWABlogActiveTop 25"... and other unlikely places."
SCREENWRITING GOLDMINEBlogActive"Be the best writer you can."
SCREENWRITING IN SEATTLEBlogInactive"Dedicated to the art of screenwriting and film production."
SCREENWRITING IOSiteActive"Answering basic questions about screenwriting."
SCREENWRITING ON THE BLOGBlogInactive"Sitting or standing, it's a way of life."
SCREENWRITING PROSoftwareActiveOnline screenwriting software
SCREENWRITING RESEARCH NETWORKSocialActive"Aresearch group consisting of scholars, reflective practitioners and practice-based researchers interested in research on screenwriting."
SCREENWRITING STANDARDBlogActive"A one stop shop for everything related to making it in Hollywood as a screenwriter."
SCREENWRITING TIPS...  YOU HACKBlogInactive"Updated Daily. Because you suck at screenwriting, and I'm here to help."
SCREENWRITING USiteyesActive"We'll get you there."
SCREENWRITING UTOPIABlogActiveScreenwriting News
SCRIBE MEETS WORLDSiteyesActiveScreenwriting Tips
SCRIPITCHSocialActive"Make it work"
SCRIPT ANALYTICSSiteYesActive"Your creative.   Our guidance."
SCRIPT ANGELBlogActiveTop 25"Script editor Hayley McKenzie on script writing and editing."
SCRIPT BOUTIQUESocialActive"Connecting producers & film executives to screenwriters and their scripts."
SCRIPT CHATSocialActive"Where screenwriter's chat, share and learn."
SCRIPT CHIXSiteYesActive"Your Script Fix!"
SCRIPT BUTCHERSiteYesActive"Improving scripts - One hack at a time."
SCRIPT CRAWLERScreenplaysInactiveScreenplay Coverage
SCRIPT DOCTOR ERICSiteYesInactive"Screenwriting help from a produced screenwriter."
SCRIPT FAZEBlogInactive"A resource for screenwriters."
SCRIPT GALSiteYesActive"Screenplay Consulting Services"
SCRIPT MAGAZINESiteActiveTop 25"Script Magazine is the top resource for professional screenwriters."
SCRIPT NURSESiteActive"The script doctor is out but the nurse is in."
SCRIPT PIPELINESiteYesActive"Pipeline into motion pictures."
SCRIPT READER PROSiteYesActiveTop 25"Hollywood Script Doctor Hacks, Tips & Consulting"
SCRIPT SHADOWBlogYesActiveTop 25"Reviewing the latest scripts in Hollywood."
SCRIPT SHARKSiteYesActive"Tools for the serious writer."
SCRIPT SMARTERBlogActive"A companion for screenwriters."
SCRIPT TEACHSiteYesInactive"Screenwriting Tips."
SCRIPT WRECKEDBlogYesInactive"Screenwriting tips for screenwriters."
SCRIPTAPALOOZA!ContestActive"International Screenwriting Competition."
SCRIPTING LIFEBlogInactive"There is no limit to the imagination."
SCRIPTMONK!SiteYesActive"Some serious screenwriting sh#t"
SCRIPT ZONESiteYesActive"Literary & Screenplay Consultants"
SCRIPTS & SCRIBESBlogActive"Where storytellers share their voices."
SCRIPTS PROSoftwareActive"Screenwriting for iPhone and iPad."
SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAYSiteYesActive"Practical tips and advice about how to sell your screenplay."
SEX IN A SUBMARINEBlogActive"The adventures of a professional screenwriter."
SHIT ROUGH DRAFTSBlogActive"The first draft of anything is shit..."
SHORE SCRIPTSSiteActive"Discovering New Writing Talent"
SHOUTING INTO THE WINDBlogActive"Saying my piece in a windy world."
SIMPLY SCRIPTSScreenplaysActiveMovie Screenplays
SKRIPTEEZSiteNoActive"Online platform for film projects and movie scripts."
SNARK'S SCRIPT NUGGETSBlogActive"Short, smart, often pithy nuggets on the craft of screenwriting."
SPEC SCOUTSiteYesActive"The site that combines a script coverage library with a scoring system in order to highlight the best screenplays circulating Hollywood"
STAGE 32SocialActive"The premiere social network for film, television and theater creatives."
STORY SCIENCEBlogYesInactive"Professional story consulting services."
STORY SKELETONSoftwareActive"Screenplay and Novel planning app for iPhone."
STORY PLANNERSiteYesActive"Tools for writers to prepare story structure, develop characters and more"
SYD FIELDSiteInactive"The art of visual storytelling."
TALENTVILLESocialActive"Pack your bags and move into a town designed exclusively for screenwriters and storytellers."
THE ART OF SCREENWRITINGSiteYesActive"Turning dreams into reality."
THE ASPIRING TV WRITER AND SCREENWRITER BLOGBlogActiveTop 25"What happens between college and a professional writing career?"
THE ATHLETIC NERDBlogInactive"Movies, Screenwriting & Independent Film"
THE BITTER SCRIPT READERBlogActiveTop 25"The advice and rantings of a Hollywood script reader."
THE BLACK BOARDSocialActive"The Official Writing Community of the Black List and Go Into The Story Read. Write. Review. Discuss. Succeed."
THE BLACK LISTSiteYesActiveGreat Screenplays.  Great Screenwriters.
THE FIRST REELBlogInactive"A brain factory for the refinement of rough ideas to screenplays."
THE HERO'S JOURNEYSiteInactive"How to structure a successful story."
THE INTERNET MOVIE SCRIPT DATABASEScreenplaysActive"The web's largest movie script resource."
THE INVISIBLE INK BLOGBlogActiveby Brian McDonald
THE LAST REVEALBlogActive"A blog on writing, screenwriting, stories and films."
THE LEGION OF DECENCYBlogActive"The business of screenwriting and fighting the good fight.  Being true to your talents and your calling."
THE OFFICE OF LETTERS AND LIGHT BLOGBlogActive"Organizes events where kids and adults find the inspiration, encouragement, and structure they need to reach their creative potential."
THE SCIENCE OF STORYBlogActive"How to make stories that grip and engage."
THE SCREENWRITER'S LEAGUEBlogInactive"A collective of NY based writers sharing their experiences."
THE SCREENWRITING PROCESSBlogActive"How to write your movie script.  From first idea to FADE OUT..."
THE SCRIPT LABBlogActiveTop 25"Screenwriting Education and Screenplay Development."
THE SCRIPT SCRIBESiteActiveWorkshops, Resources & More
THE SCRIPTWRITER'S NETWORKSocialActiveSocial, events, tips and more
THE SINGLE SCREENWRITERBlogInactive"Here to spread wisdom to anyone stupid enough to listen to me."
THE STORY DEPARTMENTSiteYesActiveTop 25"Screenwriting from dream to draft to deal."
THE TINY PROTAGONISTBlogYesInactive"A place for screenwriters, actors, filmmakers & creatives"
THE TRACKING BOARDSiteActive"Hollywood's Insider Information."
THE UNKNOWN SCREENWRITERBlogInactive"Screenwriting tips, tricks and observations."
THE WORKING SCREENWRITERBlogActive"Miscellaneous rants, raves, musings, adventures (and misadventures) of a working Los Angeles screenwriter."
THE WRITER'S STORESiteYesActive"The premiere resource for writing and filmmaking tools."
TIME TO WRITEBlogActive"Tips, ideas and inspiration for writers."
TRAINEE WRITERBlogInactive"Adventures of a screenwriter in training."
TRAVELING SCREENWRITERBlogInactive"Go somewhere and write."
UNSOLICITEDBlogInactive"A screenwriter's 15 year journey into the film industry."
WHERE'S THE DRAMA?SiteYesActive"The stuff dreams are made of."
WRATERSSoftwareActive"A comprehensive screenplay management platform."
WRITE 2 REELSiteYesActive"Providing a step in the write direction."
WRITE SO FLUIDSiteYesActiveTop 25Script reading and editing servies.
WRITE YOUR SCREENPLAYBlogActiveScreenwriting resources and classes
WRITE, WRITE, WRITEBlogActive"... Not necessarily in that order."
WRITER DUETSoftwareActiveReal Time Collaborative Screenwriting Software
WRITER'S GUILD OF AMERICA EASTSiteActive"The Writers Guild of America, East, (WGAE) is a labor union of thousands of professionals."
WRITER'S GUILD OF AMERICA WESTSiteActive"The Writers Guild of America, West, (WGA) is a labor union of thousands of professionals."
WRITING MY FIRST SCREENPLAYBlogInactive"An ongoing blog about an editor turned screenwriter."
YOUR SCREENPLAY SUCKS!BlogYesActiveTop 25"Every few days, thoughts on screenwriting."
ZAC SANFORDBlogInactive"Indie film development executive and screenwriter."