The Ultimate Guide To Screenwriting Mistakes

The Ultimate Guide To Screenwriting Mistakes

Screenwriting mistakes.  We’ve all made them along the way.  Some are easier to spot than others but if you can spot them, it can mean the difference between a trash can and a producers eyes.

If you haven’t read How Not to Write a Screenplay: 101 Common Mistakes Most Screenwriters Make put it on your list.  It’s a fantastic book to read before, during and after you’ve completed a screenplay.  It’s especially helpful to have around when you’re rewriting your masterpiece.

In my opinion, the greatest mistake a screenwriter can make (especially if you’re new to the craft) is assume their first draft is perfect.  There isn’t a single successful screenwriter on the planet who types FADE OUT, hits print and flicks a green light next to their desk.  You have to perfect your story!  Rewriting should be a rewarding experience.  Treat the rewrite process like a conquest and each squashed mistake as a victory!

Below you’ll find over 30 articles which combined offer hundreds of fantastic tips and mistakes to avoid.  Take your screenwriting to the next level and check them all out.

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