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Over 100 Screenwriting Books!

Welcome to The Ultimate Book Guide For Screenwriters!

This guide is a work in progress.  The books have been organized into four categories for now: Basics, Theory & Guides, Specialized Topics & Business.  That may evolve as more categories appear in the future.

For this first round of books, I kept this list focused primarily on film.  Somewhere down the road, I’ll try to highlight the amazing books focused on television as well.  Also, as I’m sure I’ve left out some classics and new releases, be sure to let me know if your favorites are missing.

I’m also planning a section dedicated to books that are NOT focused on screenwriting yet still manage to inspire aspiring screenwriters.

Finally, for the first time, I’ve also included my own favorites by marking them with a star.  These are books I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed over the years.  There’s a stack of amazing books I have yet to get to so there will be more stars added in time.

I want to hear about the books inspired you!  Let’s talk screenwriting!

A Beginner's Guide To Screenwriting Books

Every new screenwriter has to start somewhere.  If you’re looking for books to guide you along your creative journey, here are 5 tips to get you started:

Tip #1: Find a book that breaks down the entirety of the screenwriting process. (Ex: The Screenwriter’s Bible)  It’s a great place to start learning the craft.

Tip #2: Read a book by a Hollywood powerhouse. (Ex: Story by Robert McKee)

Tip #3: Learn the common mistakes amateurs make. (Ex: How NOT To Write A Screenplay)

Tip #4: Find books focused on the areas you want to improve. (Ex: Dialogue, character, structure etc…)

Tip #5: Read the books that speak to you. (For me, it was ‘Screenwriting from the Soul’ by Richard Krevolin.)

Click here for more book recommendations from screenwriter’s around the web.

Spark Recommends



by Syd Field

How Not To Write A Screenplay

by Denny Martin Flinn

Save The Cat!

by Blake Snyder

Save The Cat! Strikes Back

by Blake Snyder

Screenwriting 434

by Lew Hunter

Screenwriting For Dummies

by Laura Schellhardt

Screenwriting Is Rewriting

by Jack Epps Jr.

The Screenwriter's Bible

by David Trottier

Essentials of Screenwriting

by Richard Walter

The Coffee Break Screenwriter

by Pilar Alessandra

The 101 Habits of Highly Successful Screenwriters

by Karl Iglesias

Elements of Screenwriting

by Irwin R. Blacker

The Four Magic Questions of Screenwriting

by Marilyn Horowitz

Screenwriting Tips, You Hack

by Xander Bennett

The Starter Screenplay

by Adam Levenberg

The Tools of Screenwriting

by David Howard &
Edward Mabley

90 Day Screenplay

by Alan Watt

Finish The Script!

by Scott King

Screenwriting For Teens

by Christina Hamlett

Screenwriting: The Sequence Approach

by Paul Gulino

How To Write A Screenplay That Doesn't Suck

by Michael Rogan

Screenwriting 101

by Film Crit Hulk

150 Screenwriting Challenges

by Eric Heisserer

Screenplay Format Made (Stupidly) Easy

by Michael Rogan

Making A Good Script Great

by Linda Seger

Screenwriting 101

by Neill D Hicks

Extreme Screenwriting

by Barb Doyon

Screenwriting Fundamentals

by Irv Bauer

How To Write A Movie In 21 Days

by Viki King

The Screenwriting Formula

by Rob Tobin

Screenwriting: Step by Step

by Wendy J Henson

The Screenwriter's Problem Solver

by Syd Field

The 10 Day Screenplay

by Darrin Donnelly

How To Build A Great Screenplay

by David Howard

A Quick Guide To Screenwriting

by Ray Morton

The Complete Idiots Guide To Screenwriting

by Skip Press

The Screenwriter's Workbook

by Syd Field



by Robert McKee

Power Screenwriting

by Michael Chase Walker

The Nutshell Technique

by Jill Chamberlain

The Anatomy of Story

by John Truby

Creative Writing Career

by Justin M. Sloan

Crafty Screenwriting

by Alex Epstein

Real Screenwriting

by Ron Suppa

Adventures In The Screen Trade

by William Goldman

Screenwriting Updated

by Linda Aronson

A Screenwriter's Journey To Success

by Mark Sanderson

Save The Cat Goes To The Indies

by Salva Rubio

The Story Structure Secret

by Marshall Dotson

The Definitive Guide To Screenwriting

by Syd Field

Writing In Pictures

by Joseph McBride

A Guide To Screenwriting Success

by Stephen V. Duncan

Maverick Screenwriting

by Josh Golding

Writing A Great Movie

by Jeff Kitchen

Screenwriting From The Soul

by Richard Krevolin

Tough Love Screenwriting

by John Jarrell

The Art and Craft of Screenwriting

by Shelly Frome

Get Your Story Straight

by Diane Drake

Advanced Screenwriting

by Dr Linda Seger

The Writer's Journey

by Christopher Vogler

Screenwriting Tricks of the Trade

by William Froug

Screenwriting Is Storytelling

by Kate Wright

Breaking In

by Lee Jessup

Scriptshadow Secrets

by Carson Reeves

Screenwriting Down To The Atoms

by Michael Welles Schock

Screenwriting From The Heart

by James Ryan

Screenwriting: Unchained

by Emmanuel Oberg


Pixar Storytelling

by Dean Movshovitz

Creating Unforgettable Characters

by Linda Seger

Save The Cat! Goes To The Movies

by Blake Snyder

Psychology For Screenwriters

by William Indick

How To Write Dazzling Dialogue

by James Scott Bell

How To Write Awesome Dialogue!

by Tom Leveen

The Emotion Thesaurus

by Angela Ackerman

Hollywood Screenwriting Directory

by Jesse Douma &
Dinah Perez Esq.

Creating Character Arcs

by K.M. Weiland

Understanding Show Don't Tell

by Janice Hardy

The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations

by Mike Figgis

Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc

by Dara Marks

What Happens Next? A History of American Screenwriting

by Marc Norman

Blockbuster Blueprint

by M. L. Welker

How To Write A Movie Script With Characters That Don't Suck

by Michael Rogan

Screenwriting: History, Theory and Practice

by Steven Maras

The Secrets of Action Screenwriting

by William C. Martell

Beat by Beat: A Cheat Sheet For Screenwriters

by Todd Klick

Zen and the Art of Screenwriting

by William Froug

Zen and the Art of Screenwriting 2

by William Froug

Writing Love

by Alexandra Sokoloff

Writing The Comedy Blockbuster

by Keith Giglio

The Complete Guide To Screenwriting For Children's Film & Television

by Motti Aviram

Genre Screenwriting

by Stephen V. Duncan

Alternative Scriptwriting: Beyond the Hollywood Formula

by Ken Dancyger &
Jeff Rush

The Devil's Guide To Hollywood

by Joe Eszterhas


Getting It Write

by Lee Zahavi Jessup

33 Ways To Sell Your Screenplay

by Hal Croasmun

Selling Your Film Without Selling Your Soul

by The Film Collaborative

Screenwriting Behind Enemy Lines

by John Schimmel

Writing Movies For Fun and Profit

by Thomas Lennon &
Robert Ben Garant

Writing Screenplays That Sell

by Michael Hauge

Selling A Screenplay In The 21st Century

by Michael Rogan

Screenwriting: The Art, Craft, and Business of Film and Television Writing

by Richard Walter