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The Screenwriting Spark Is Three Years Old!

The Screenwriting Spark Is Three Years Old!

I love writing screenplays.  I love talking about writing screenplays.  I love writing about writing screenplays…  You get the idea…

I love everything about my favorite storytelling medium.  I love the freedom.  I love the challenge.  I love the screenplay format and how it looks aesthetically on the page.  I love the dominance of the white space because it forces you to understand how precious and important every sentence has to be.  It’s a difficult craft to master but once you fall in love, the idea of becoming a master fades away.  All that’s left is pure storytelling.  It’s an addiction.

It’s an addiction that, for the most part, I’ve always kept to myself.  Screenwriting was my number one weapon against the rising tides of anxiety.  When the waves got high, I wrote a few pages and watched the water subside.  Then I got married and we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.  She’s my inspiration now.  My greatest defense against anxiety.  Now, I no longer feel compelled to write simply to calm myself down.  Today, I write for the simple joy of discovering what I’m capable of.  I write because I love telling stories.  I write because it’s a part of me.

Before my daughter came along, one of my favorite sources of inspiration was the web.  Each and every day, talented screenwriters write amazing content for websites overflowing with knowledge.  Many of these gifted writers give insight into their creative process and what inspires them.  These people have inspired me for years.

That’s what I love about inspiration.  It can come from anywhere and if you can recognize and seize it, you become extremely powerful creatively.  That’s why I started The Screenwriting Spark three years ago.  I wanted to highlight the amazing content out there and pass along the resources that have inspired me.  I firmly believe…


Whenever I’m stuck, I surf my favorite screenwriting websites and catch up with old friends.  The world of the aspiring screenwriter can be frustrating.  Scripts don’t come together, a story can’t be cracked, inspiration lacks, writer’s block strikes, contests are lost, agents don’t return phone calls, funding falls through, query letters are returned, email go unanswered and the frustration builds up.

You aren’t alone out there.  There are people who haven’t made it who care.  There are people who HAVE made it who care.  There is advice on every page.  Visit the screenwriting sites listed here.  Reach out to the ones that speak to you.  Make friends.  Learn new techniques.  Become a better writer!

This past year, I didn’t post anywhere near the amount of content I did when this site began.  Truthfully, I took some time away to focus on finishing a new screenplay of my own.  I did!  For that, I have to thank the writer’s out there who inspired me.  I loved writing screenplays long before I created The Screenwriting Spark.  But I’ve never loved the craft more as a result of this website.

What’s in store for year four? (That rhymes…  And you KNOW it rhymes!) The return of new content!  I can’t wait to see any and all resources I’ve missed!  I’m looking for inspiration more than ever as I start a new screenplay of my own!

If you know a screenwriting resource that other writers would find inspiring, email me at jason@screenwritingspark.com!  Or tweet @writingspark.

Thanks for visiting!


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