The Screenwriting Spark 2.0!

The Screenwriting Spark 2.0!

Welcome to the all new Screenwriting Spark.


Completely redesigned from the ground up!  Now you can view The Spark on any device with a brand new responsive design.  In addition to the new look, you’ll also notice some upgrades throughout the site.  The site is wider, brighter and easier to navigate with every single page getting an update.  There are new sparks to discover on every page!


The Ultimate Screenwriting Website Guide is now a searchable and sortable table.


The Ultimate Screenwriting Genre Guide!

This new guide will continually evolve with new sections being added over time.


This project is part 1 of a 3 part plan I have for summer 2015.  I’m also developing a brand new website as well as completing a screenplay of my own.  Everything is on track to launch September 1.  Until then, there will be very few updates.  I hope you all enjoy the new design and I look forward to posting new Sparks in a few weeks!

‘Inspire The Aspiring’ is still very much the mission of this website.  I highly recommend you check out The Screenwriting Ignition (also redesigned) and the hundreds of resources it contains!

Have a fantastic summer!

XTRA | Have a look at the old design below:

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