The Screenwriter’s Guide To Movie Villains

The Screenwriter’s Guide To Movie Villains

“Every search for a hero must begin with something that every hero requires.  A villain.” (MI:2)

Crafting the perfect villain for your screenplay takes practice, patience, creativity, vision and passion.  You have to care about every detail in order to create a memorable force in your script.  Villains come in all forms and range from pure evil to misunderstood anti-heroes and everything in between.   The key is building a character that fits with your story.  A character you (and the reader) care about no matter how evil he/she might be.

The villain must be perfect!

Below you’ll find more than 50 resources dedicated to creating the perfect villain for your screenplay.  There are articles, breakdowns, countdowns, interviews, tips, tricks, strategies, videos and much more.

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