The Gears of War Movie Has A Screenwriter Attached!?

The Gears of War Movie Has A Screenwriter Attached!?

I love video games.  I always have.  I’m a sucker for incredible single player experience.  Particularly when those experiences are driven by an amazing story.

But let’s face it, adapting a video game for the big screen isn’t exactly… profitable?  I got burned TWICE in 2016.  I fully believed Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed would help kick start a golden age of video game movie adaptations.

It didn’t happen.  Nearly 10 years ago, in Marvel’s Iron Man, Nick Fury explained to Tony Stark that he was part of a bigger world.  That moment launched the idea of a shared movie universe.  A trend that continues to build strength which every successful release.

The video game world is staying waiting for a big Nick Fury type moment.  The next big glimmer of hope is the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot starring Alicia Vikander.  Now we have another big franchise to look forward to: Gears of War.

If you haven’t heard of Shane Salerno before it’s because he’s credited as a writer on the Avatar sequels.  We all know THOSE movies don’t really exist.  James Cameron just enjoys writing press releases postponing production.  Thankfully, Salerno is an accomplished screenwriter who also wrote Michael Bay’s Armageddon.  (A movie I happen to love by the way.)  Now Salerno has the difficult task of adapting a franchise with a ton of mythology, recognizable characters and a deep history with gamers.

The pressure is on.  I loved the original Gears of War trilogy.  The characters are particularly well done and their struggle is certainly compelling.  The Gears of War IP has franchise written all over it.  Provided we get a solid first entry in the film series.

I’ll be following the development of this film closely as a fan of the games and screenwriting.  Adapting a property you love is a dream come true for screenwriters.  Personally, I would love to take a shot at Bioshock.  A true ‘R’ rated Bioshock movie.

Are there any unproduced properties out there you would want to adapt?

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