The Fake Seth Rogen ‘Kosher Nostra’ Screenplay Incident:  Smart or Stupid?

The Fake Seth Rogen ‘Kosher Nostra’ Screenplay Incident: Smart or Stupid?

So this week news broke that a pair of writers used Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s names on their spec screenplay in order to fool producers.  I’m not sure what to focus on first?  The fact that they thought this plan would work or the fact that it ACTUALLY worked.

If you haven’t seen the story, here’s the write up over on THR.  Jonathan Witz, 25, and Jeremy Spektor, 29 wrote a screenplay called Kosher Nostra and couldn’t get their work in front of the right people.  Specifically Rogen and Goldberg.  So they devised a plan to use the Superbad scribes names in order to generate interest from producers…


Obviously, lawyers got involved pretty quick but not before the script reached the desks of Ted Sarandos, Megan Ellison, Scott Stuber, Mark Gordon and Will Ferrell.

What do you think of all this?  It can be pretty frustrating for screenwriters to break into the business.  There are legendary stories of the lengths some artists go to get noticed.  THR and Screen Rant both reference Steven Spielberg’s beginnings sneaking onto the Universal lot.

Whether you think it’s right or wrong, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg definitely know the names Witz & Spektor.  The question is, will their memories fade away?  Have the real writers behind Kosher Nostra hurt their reputations?  Did their stunt help or harm Kosher Nostra?

Are they destined to become comedy royalty alongside their idols and take their place alongside artists who took chances like Spielberg?  Would you be willing to put someone else’s name on your work to get noticed?

It’s an extremely interesting debate and I’d love to know what you think in the comments below!

And also here’s the Superbad trailer because I love that movie:

2 thoughts on “The Fake Seth Rogen ‘Kosher Nostra’ Screenplay Incident: Smart or Stupid?

  1. Fleurette M Van Gulden

    Have this creepy-crawly gut feel that Seth Rogen was in on it, the lawyers were already set and waiting to sand paper things down. All an act to have all tiring to see the trailer. Hey things are looking good for all; however I don’t think I could grow balls to do this. The arena is huge but one must be respectful and professional in this fade in – fade out business. That is some leap of faith.

    • Jason McKinnon

      What a crazy twist that would be if Rogen was in on it. Something tells me if the script was that good, his name would have been enough to gain attention from producers. Who knows. I’ll remember the name of the script and it made headlines. If that was their intention, it worked.

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