The Best Screenwriting Channels On YouTube

The Best Screenwriting Channels On YouTube

Whether you’re in the mood to watch an interview with a pro screenwriter or simply wish to increase your knowledge of the craft, this list is for you!  Below you’ll find tons of fantastic screenwriting channels on YouTube (plus one equally fantastic channel on Vine).  Each offers a variety of videos including tips, tutorials, interviews, conferences, speeches, round tables, web series & more!

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BAFTA Online

Film Courage

Script Magazine

Script Lab

Academy Originals

London Screenwriters’ Festival

Six Second Screenwriting Lessons (Vine)

John August

Lessons From The Screenplay

The Hollywood Reporter

FAST Screenplay

The Dialogue

Mark Sanderson

Blue Cat

Screen Craft

Writer’s Guild Foundation

Selling Your Screenplay

WGA West


Story 2 Screen

The Bitter Script Reader

D4 Darious

UCLA Writer’s Program

Scripts & Scribes

Final Draft


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