The Best Screenwriting Books Chosen by Screenwriters

The Best Screenwriting Books Chosen by Screenwriters

Looking for amazing screenwriting books?  Odds are you’ve probably read the usual suspects over the years.  You may even have favorites of your own.  If you happen to be looking for something new to read check out the links below.  Instead of providing a list of books on The Spark, here are MANY lists created by screenwriters at all levels.  You’ll find rankings but you’ll also discover insight.

What is it about a particular book that inspires a screenwriter?

This list will continue to evolve as new posts are discovered so be sure to submit any you find that are missing!

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10 thoughts on “The Best Screenwriting Books Chosen by Screenwriters

  1. What a great compilation! I’m going to enjoy reading through all these recommendations.

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  2. Many advanced screenwriters would say that “Screenplay” by Syd Field is the quintessential screenwriting manual for the absolute beginning screenwriter. We beg to differ! Screenplay is ideal for the beginning screenwriter however, advanced screenwriters will also find this screenwriting book very helpful. It’s a great book to reference back to when stuck on certain plot issues. This book is so essential because the parts of a screenplay are discussed. Every screenplay from Snow White to Pulp Fiction is built on the principles taught in this book. It won’t teach you how to juxtapose your story to create a Pulp Fiction type of story, but once you know the fundamentals of screenplay structure, you’ll understand how the parts fit the whole and how they can be manipulated brilliantly to create a great story

    • Jason McKinnon

      Great point! When it comes to building a foundation in screenwriting or advancing your skills, it’s definitely a worthwhile book to read!

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