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Spec Screenplay Spotlight: Over 35 Screenwriting Resources Focused On Spec Scripts

Spec Screenplay Spotlight: Over 35 Screenwriting Resources Focused On Spec Scripts

What is a spec screenplay? 

“A spec script, also known as a speculative screenplay, is a non-commissioned unsolicited screenplay. It is usually written by a screenwriter who hopes to have the script optioned and eventually purchased by a producer, production company, or studio.” (Wikipedia)

Whether you’re writing your first spec screenplay or you’ve already written a few, you know each spec script presents unique challenges.

Below you’ll find over 35 articles and resources that can help you make your next spec screenplay shine even brighter.  There are breakdowns, tips, strategies, techniques and advice from screenwriters of all levels FOR screenwriters of all levels.  These articles are mainly focused on film but there are still plenty of lessons that can be applied to television as well.


Everything You Wanted To Know About Specs (20 Part Series) | Go Into The Story

Spec Script Sales Analysis 2008-2013 | Go Into The Story

Will the spec scrip rise again in Hollywood?| Vanity Fair

12 signs of a promising spec script | Script Magazine

Screenwriting: Has the spec script returned? | Movie Scope

20 things I know for sure: Do’s and don’ts in your spec script | Just Effing Entertain Me

The spec market vs playing the lottery | Screenwriting From Iowa

To spec or not to spec that is the question | My Blank Page

5 critical lessons about spec scripts | Screenwriting Goldmine

Screenplay format: One stop shop | Bang 2 Write

Why we should destroy the spec script market | Film Utopia

Writing your own lottery ticket | Written By

The 5 biggest format mistakes spec screenplays make | Bang 2 Write

What makes a good spec screenplay? | Let’s Schmooze

Is your script ready? | Film Slate

How to improve your spec screenplays | Script Wrecked

Scripts that sold in 2013: What are the common elements? | Script Magazine

Know What Your Screenwriting Audience Wants: The Business of Spec Scripts | No Film School

The Death of the Spec Script: What Are the Ten Highest Screenplay Sales Ever? | Indie Wire

Increasing your odds of selling a spec screenplay part 1 | part 2 | Screenwriters Unknown

Specs aren’t the only way to become a working screenwriter | My Blank Page

Killing your darlings: Spec scripts as burnt offerings for the Hollywood pyre | The Last Reveal

5 spec scripts that are better than the finished film | Total Film

Writing on spec: Should you write a film or a TV script | Script Magazine

How to write your first spec script | BarrelRolls

To spec or not to spec: New realities may mean more opportunities for writers | Studio System News

The odds of selling a spec screenplay | Screenwriters Unknown

5 key differences between spec and shooting scripts | Script Wrecked

Winning spec scripts | Writer’s Store

The Demise of the Spec Script Market and the Rise of Pre-Branded Entertainment | Script Magazine

Talking common sense about format and style | Screenwriter’s Utopia

The new spec style | Writer’s Store

Why Spec Scripts Fail: No Backstory thru Subtext, PART 1 | Script Magazine

3 tips for low budget spec scripts | Script Wrecked

What are spec scripts? | Screenwriting For Hollywood


Dreams on Spec: A feature length screenwriting documentary


The Scoggins Report

Go Into The Story

Studio System News


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