Searching For A Screenwriting Spark

Searching For A Screenwriting Spark


The last four years certainly flew by!  This site has always been home to content curated from incredible websites and blogs around the web.  Today, I’m proud to unveil a new look and an entirely new approach to this GIANT collection of screenwriting resources.

The process of redesigning the site began way back in the summer of 2016.  I finished my latest feature length screenplay a few months prior and, for the first time, I submitted it to a competition.  In this instance, I entered the Nicholl Fellowship.  My screenplay didn’t make it past the first round…

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I won’t lie to you, it hurt.  I’m in a strange place because I’m in my early thirties and I never submitted a screenplay to a major competition before.  The script, Hero Down, was the best I had ever written.  I still feel strongly about the characters and the world I created.

But it wasn’t meant to be…  (For that competition at least) I wrote a post about losing that contest and decided to take some time away from the craft I love.  I needed a break.

I speak seriously about screenwriting because I love it but I have many passions.  Not the least of which is editing video which also happens to be my full time career.  I’ve been editing television professionally for more than a decade and I love it just as much as writing screenplays.

So I decided to build a new PC from scratch and create a company to enhance my editing skills even further.  The process took months and slowly The Screenwriting Spark collected dust.  I sincerely apologize for that.  It’s difficult to seek out screenwriting resources when you aren’t writing anything to apply the knowledge you learn.

Still, I enjoyed the break.  Before September, I put a ton of pressure on myself.  2016 was the year of the screenplay submission.  I was determined to put my best foot forward and I fell short of my goals.  Looking back, I’m confident I’m a better writer now than I’ve ever been.  Why?  Because the pressure is gone.  I’ve learned from my mistakes.

At the end of the day, I write screenplays because it makes me happy.  I’ve always been a realist when it came to my chances of ‘making it’.  I’m not saying I’ll never take another shot but, for now, I’m happy writing for myself again.

Ironically, it was this website that reignited my passion for screenwriting.  My new company is up and running and my movie/tv/video game website Nerd Infinite is growing rapidly.  Suddenly, my daily commute on the train felt lonely.  I wasn’t writing business plans or researching parts for my computer.  I missed writing screenplays.  Forgive the pun but I needed a Spark.

I started visiting my favorite screenwriting websites and I was instantly reminded of why I started this site in the first place: SCREENWRITERS INSPIRE SCREENWRITERS.

I was addicted all over again.  It turns out, I probably enjoy learning about the craft more than the act of actually writing a screenplay.  It’s incredibly inspiring to read about the journeys of other writers.  That’s all it took.  The time had come for The Screenwriting Spark to take center stage once again.


The idea behind the new graphic look is simple:  Inspiration.  There’s nothing more inspiring than the world around us so I used photos featuring gorgeous landscapes.  The goal is to remind aspiring writers that inspiration can be found anywhere.  The look will evolve over time incorporating new photos as new features are released.


When The Screenwriting Spark began, I tried to post multiple times a week.  That’s no longer possible with a full time job, a side business and a 3 year old at home.  The new schedule will be one post per week.  I’m hoping to collect more resources and write more columns but I don’t want to over promise and under deliver.

As for the content itself, I’m adopting a more conversational approach.  I love reading about screenwriting but I also love talking about screenwriting.  This new approach comes with a renewed focus on connecting to screenwriters around the world.  I’ll be leveraging The Screenwriting Spark’s growing Facebook page for that.


I am an aspiring screenwriter.  I may not be banging down Hollywood’s door openly but I love the craft and the world that surrounds it.  I’m obsessed with the art of telling a good story.  I hope you’ll join me on this journey to become a better writer.  By extension, evolving as a writer gives you a better understanding of who you are.  In short, writing screenplays makes me feel like a better person.  For that, I thank the hundreds of passionate screenwriters on the web who have inspired me.


Have you read an inspiring article online?  Have you discovered a screenwriting website that isn’t mentioned here?  Reach out and let me know at, on Twitter @writingspark or on Facebook.

Whether you’ve found a resource worth sharing or you just want to talk screenwriting, you’ve come to the right place!

The search for a screenwriting spark is an endless journey full of challenges and triumphs.  Take in all in and write something amazing.


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