Script Magazine’s Common Reasons Why Scripts Are Rejected

Script Magazine’s Common Reasons Why Scripts Are Rejected

Script Magazine is home to amazing original screenwriting content.  Highlighted by a fantastic mix of bloggers, the site covers a variety of inspiring topics to help improve your screenplays.

One such topic is screenplay rejections.  Many screenwriter’s out there have submitted their work only to have it turned away.  It can be a depressing experience but it can (and should) also fuel your creativity moving forward.

“Writers don’t fail to have a career because they make these mistakes. They fail because they don’t learn from them.” Script Magazine

The first step is identifying where you may have gone wrong.  That’s why this article is so helpful.  In it, author Corey Mandell details the most common reasons why scripts are rejected.  He also lists many positive habits needed to overcome these mistakes.

It’s a very interesting read.


Courtesy of: Script Magazine

Be sure to stop by Corey Mandell’s site too!

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