Screenwriting Spark & Shore Scripts Want Your FADE OUT STORIES!

Screenwriting Spark & Shore Scripts Want Your FADE OUT STORIES!

There’s an elusive moment that every screenwriter dreams about.  A moment that consumes you.  Writers around the world are all focused the reaching a goal that seems impossible at times.  A goal that, once achieved, grants you a euphoric sense of accomplishment.  FADE OUT.  THE END.

You’ve finished your screenplay!

A limitless rush of emotions fills your eyes with pride.  You’ve worked incredibly hard to reach this point.  It’s hard to believe you’ve made it given the challenges you overcame along the way.  Plot holes carved gaping wounds in your structure.  Characters disappeared beyond the white space on the page.  But you found a way to solve those problems and write a story worth telling.  You did it!  Screenwriting Spark and Shore Scripts want to know what that means to you!


A unique screenwriting contest focused on that single moment.  We want to know how you feel when you finish a screenplay.  What is it about that moment that inspires you? Completing a screenplay is an unforgettable way to fulfill a promise you made to yourself when development began.  You’ve worked tirelessly and made sacrifices without compromising your vision.  You finished your screenplay.  Tell us your FADE OUT STORY!

Here’s how the contest works:

Send an email to and include a short (or long) description of your experience typing FADE OUT.  Share your FADE OUT STORY and you could win a free entry into ANY of Shore Scripts screenplay competitions closing 31st August 2016!

We’ll also collect all the entries and publish them here on The Screenwriting Spark.  A single page full of inspiring words to help screenwriters make it to the finish line.

The contest is open for entries from June 1st to 17th 2016.  The winner will be randomly selected and revealed on July 1st.

We can’t wait to read your FADE OUT STORY!

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