Screenwriting Inspiration: J.J Abrams & The Mystery Box

Screenwriting Inspiration: J.J Abrams & The Mystery Box

J.J Abrams (Star Wars The Force Awakens, Star Trek, Super 8) is one of the most successful directors on the planet.  He’s also an accomplished writer & producer behind huge movies and ambitious television shows.  In this video, he discusses his motivations and obsession with mystery in his work.  It’s a fascinating and honest speech full of insight.

Courtesy of TED Talks

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2 thoughts on “Screenwriting Inspiration: J.J Abrams & The Mystery Box

  1. Hi Mr J.J Abrams,

    Just to start with saying for a new era the new star trek films are bold, dynamic and true to its name and origin. For the next generation to enjoy when reach the age of enjoying and understanding motion pictures, either on the big screen or sat at home on the blue ray or the future format. Like I did when I grew up and saw star trek for the first time. Have you considered to direct and help to recreate a new version of Starwars. You will have 6 films to at least play with. With Disney in toe the trilogy or more would be unstoppable and also learn from the little mistakes made in the original films. So that the next gen will enjoy and be inspired with both Star Trek and Starwars like we were in the latter years. If I wasn’t dyslexic I would have maybe had a better chance in completing my animation and electronic media degree and with my mind and ideas maybe got some where in my life. But when you have been so successful in your development and career don’t take second or third prize in carrying on with the Starwars begin it NEW! With a new team, new companies like Disney and the huge change in technology what will STOP you.

    Michael Leach

  2. All great points Michael! I think Disney has learned valuable lessons with its marvel universe and certainly leads the pack when it comes to giant franchises like Star Wars.

    I think there are too many talented people on board for it to be a disaster. What matters most is that they produce a story that continues the tradition the original trilogy started long ago, in a galaxy far far away……. Sorry. Couldn’t resist!

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