Screenwriting Around The Web #26

Screenwriting Around The Web #26

The first thing I want to highlight today is an article over on Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips that lists 25 ways to raise the stakes in your screenplay.  Suspense and drama all draw power from the obstacles you place in front of your hero.  How much can he/she take and how will they emerge victorious?  Go through your screenplay and think about where you can raise the stakes.

The Live Read.  A critical element in the screenwriting process for some.  An absolutely terrifying proposition to others.  Personally, I’ve never had a group of actors read my scripts live but I can totally see how the process would be valuable.  Script Magazine elaborates on The Amazing Power of the Live Read here.

If you haven’t checked out Go Into The Story, you’re missing out on over 20,000 articles.  You read that right.  It’s an incredible resource to dive into.  Now it’s even easier to find what you’re looking for with their archive links.  Over 100 links separated into relevant categories!

Thinking about taking Aaron Sorkin’s Screenwriting Master Class? Stephanie Palmer over on Good In A Room has a full review of the course and how it benefits aspiring screenwriters.

Struggling to develop a well rounded protagonist?  Here’s a guide to help you craft dynamic characters.

Check out our interview with Mark Sanderson for an in depth look at the inspiration behind his new book: A Screenwriter’s Journey To Success.

Looking for more amazing screenwriting books?  Our brand new Ultimate Screenwriting Book guide is live with a HUGE list of books, recommendations and more.

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