Screenplay Tips: How To Write Great Supporting Characters

Screenplay Tips: How To Write Great Supporting Characters


Writing main characters is (and should be) your primary focus when you’re developing a new screenplay.  However, when your major plot points and character arcs are in place, you need to fill out your world with interesting secondary characters.  Writing great supporting characters takes great skill and an enormous amount of creativity and originality.  Every minor character needs to feel real.  Every character is an individual with goals and a unique personality.

They may not be the main character in your screenplay but they are the stars of their own movies. 

Below you’ll find over 40 screenwriting resources including extensive articles, analysis, videos, tips & more.  You’ll also find a number of resources that break down the best minor film characters of all time!  These links will surely help you make your supporting characters memorable and entertaining!

Check them all out.  Then write!

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