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Screenplay Outline Onslaught: 50 Screenwriting Resources To Help Improve Your Outlines

Screenplay Outline Onslaught: 50 Screenwriting Resources To Help Improve Your Outlines

Do you outline your screenplays? Do you find it necessary to plot out your story before diving in?  Some people may skip this step in the process but it certainly helps a great deal if you do.  An outline is an invaluable tool that can help you stay focused and avoid writer’s block.  It’s also a great way to step back and see your movie clearly.  A first…  first draft.

Below you’ll find 50 resources including articles and videos dedicated to helping you improve your outlines.

Don’t forget to check out this collection of resources to help you write the perfect logline.


Screenwriting article: Outlining | Script Shadow

Kill your outline: A screenwriter’s guide to discovering your character | Write Your Screenplay

Story planning and how to step outline a screenplay | Movie Outline

How I write a script part 6: Outline | Go Into The Story

Screenwriting 101: Everything you know about outlines is wrong | Indie Wire

Really?  Do I have to outline? | Script Magazine

How to write the perfect outline | The Script Lab

Step outlines can be fun | Write Anything

Debate and tips for outlining a screenplay | Script Magazine

12 Act One Script Beats You’ll Need To Include In Your Script | Script Reader Pro

A new way to outline…  Maybe | Your Screenplay Sucks

Outlining your script or story | Writer’s Store

Outlines aren’t essential | John August

Outline! So That You Have a Plan to Ditch Once You Start Writing | Mastering Film

Outlining a screenplay | Screenwriters Daily

7 Point screenplay outline | Gideon’s Screenwriting Tips

Productivity Tip: Use a scene outline to stay focused | Page 85

Outlining a screenplay | Filmverse

Outlines, beat sheets & treatments | Bang 2 Write

How to improve your outlines | American Screenwriters Association

Outlining: How much is too much? | The Script Lab

How To Write A Script Outline – Five Key Screenwriting Turning Points | Karma Jello

To Plan or To Plunge? A New Way of Looking at the Outlining Debate | Writer’s Digest

Screenwriting tips for beating procrastination to outlines & beat sheets | LA Film Fest

The outlining process | The Working Screenwriter

Do you need to outline? | Corey Mandell

How to create a killer outline for your screenplay | Yahoo Voices

How to write a script outline: The 8 major plot points | Scribe Meets World

How to write a screenplay outline | Act Four Screenplays

Why I don’t like outlines | The Juggling Writer

Screenwriting: The importance of outlining your stories | Doc 4 Design

Treatments, outlines & beat sheets | Let’s Schmooze

Screenwriting Myths: I don’t need to outline, rewrite or revise | Wendy Heuvel

How (and why) to outline a screenplay | Sure Exposure

Outlining | Life Tips

Best Screenplay – treatment, outline, scene cards or alcohol? | 1st 10 Pages


Download Blake Snyder’s beat sheet here

Blake Snyder’s beat sheet | Tom Stout

Beat Sheet/Story Beat – What are they talking about? | Screenwriting Goldmine

Nailing the beat sheet | Raindance

Beat sheet basics | Story Fix

Beat sheet | Scriptwriting in the U.K

WTF is a beat sheet? | John August

The beat sheet spreadsheet: Realizing the screenwriter’s vision | Cogniview

Has screenwriter’s reliance on story structure ruined the movies | No Film School

Guru beat sheets | The Bitter Script Reader


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