Looking For Screenwriting Inspiration?

Looking For Screenwriting Inspiration?

The Screenwriting Spark is a steadily evolving collection of resources that continues to grow each week.  The Spark is also home to many ‘Ultimate Screenwriting Guides’ that focus on a different aspect of the craft.  These collections contain articles, interviews, videos, tips, ticks & more created by hundreds of passionate screenwriters around the world.


The purpose of this post is to highlight the guides that provide sparks when screenwriters need them the most.  The moments in between writing sessions.  Those who are addicted to the craft constantly crave more.  Books, blogs, podcasts, video series & forums help inspire screenwriters every day.  The next time you take a break, visit the best screenwriting blogs.  If you have a long commute, load up your device with the best podcasts.  When you’re staring at a blank screen, watch a few screenwriting videos on YouTube.  Read & contribute to forums and network with screenwriters.  Read screenplays.  The links below are only the beginning.  There is an infinite amount of content out there to devour.   Bookmark this page, visit them all then write!

The Best Websites To Download & Read Screenplays

The Top 25 Screenwriting Blogs

The Best Screenwriting Websites

The Best Screenwriting Channels On YouTube

The Best Screenwriting Videos On The Web

The Best Screenwriting Podcasts

The Best Screenwriting Forums, Message Boards, Groups, Chats & More

The Best Screenwriting Books Chosen By Screenwriters

The Best Screenwriting Articles From Around The Web

The Best Inspirational Quotes For Screenwriters

50+ Must Follow Screenwriters On Twitter

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