Lessons From The Screenplay On YouTube

Lessons From The Screenplay On YouTube

Today we’re highlighting a fantastic YouTube channel called Lessons From The Screenplay!  The page is home to in depth videos that focus on the screenplay behind some of the best movies of all time.  The channel started in 2016 and has already gained hundreds of thousands of subscribers.  Creator Michael Tucker describes the channel as ‘part educational series and part love letter to awesome films.’  I have to agree.  He’s already tackled a few of my favorites which I included below.

The way Tucker tackles each video is also a fantastic exercise for aspiring screenwriters.  Pick your favorite movies and immerse yourself.  Analyze every beat and deconstruct every scene.  Get into every character’s mind and put yourself in the writer’s seat.  Do you agree with every creative choice?  What would you do differently.  Learn about the movies you love so you can write movies that are easy to love.

Check out Lesson From The Screenplay on YouTube here.

There is also a Patreon page up if you’d like to support future videos on the channel.

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