Introducing Nerd Infinite!

Introducing Nerd Infinite!

A few months back, I put the Screenwriting Spark on hold to accomplish 3 missions.  First, I redesigned The Spark.  You’ll notice an all new graphic look that’s easier to navigate and mobile friendly.  Second, I wanted to finish the first draft of my latest feature length screenplay.  Finally, I wanted to launch a new movie/television blog with an emphasis on editorials, features, columns and more!

Introducing Nerd Infinite!  A website focused on the stories we love and the technology we use to experience them.  Every Story.  Every Screen.

These 3 projects were incredibly challenging to complete in a single summer but I’m extremely proud of the results.  I long considered September 1st my creative new year and so a new era has begun.  The Screenwriting Spark is upgraded,  Nerd Infinite is live and my new screenplay is in great shape!

Hopefully you enjoy the changes and get ready for all new screenwriting sparks starting today!



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