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Fatherhood, Screenwriting & Inspiration

Fatherhood, Screenwriting & Inspiration

My Greatest Screenwriting Spark

A long time ago, I fell in love with screenwriting.  Over the years, it became my greatest weapon against stress and anxiety.  Working on a screenplay calms me down when things get tough.  It puts things into perspective when I need an escape and  I’m thankful to have such an exciting creative outlet.  To me, screenwriting represents freedom.  The freedom to create entire worlds while injecting meaning and themes that mean the world to me.

Screenwriting is my precious personal passion.  

This past March, my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world.  I’ve fallen in love all over again:) My little Hayley has changed my life.

Every screenplay I’ve ever written represented a particular moment or period in my life in some way.  But I’ve learned more about myself in a few months than I ever could have imagined.  Hayley is a beautiful bright baby girl and I’m still stunned she’s mine.  Everything is different now.  My priorities are different.  I think differently.  I’ve evolved into a wide eyed new dad and I’m absolutely terrified and excited all at once.

I’ve spent my life searching for inspiration.  It’s the very foundation of The Screenwriting Spark.  I believe the feeling of pure inspiration is the best therapy on the planet.  Inspiration gives you a sense of purpose and guides you towards (and beyond) your wildest dreams.  When it comes to screenwriting, there’s no better feeling than a creative breakthrough.  Everything becomes clear.  Suddenly, you know exactly what your story means and how your characters will grow.  Your passion ignites and the burning need to write consumes you.  That’s when you lose hours writing without realizing where the time has gone.  Before you know it, you’re staring at a screenplay you can be proud of.  Isn’t it funny how you’re not entirely sure how you got there?  This is why the search for pure inspiration never ends.

Screenwriting is an addiction I’ll never stop giving in to.

The day my daughter was born, the entire concept of inspiration changed for me.  One look at her gorgeous eyes was all the fuel I needed.  I’m inspired 24 hours a day and I’m addicted to her smile.  I’m fascinated by every sound and movement she makes.  I find myself wondering how her personality will evolve and what her mannerisms might signify.  I’m curious about her likes and dislikes.  I laugh more.  I cry more. (And yes…  I’m awake more)  Most of all, I’m happy.  Every day, I look at my daughter and I’m reminded what pure inspiration truly is.

She’s my favorite screenwriting spark!

I want to be a good father.  I means everything to me.  I want my daughter to grow up and be passionate about life.  She doesn’t have to write screenplays but I want her to understand how fulfilling the search for inspiration can be when you find it.  Thanks to Hayley, I’ve evolved as a person, a friend, a husband, a father and a screenwriter.  Watching her grow up is going to be the most amazing adventure of my life.

My little girl is my greatest weapon against stress and anxiety now and my passion for screenwriting has never been stronger.  Having a living source of inspiration around has lifted my screenwriting aspirations to new heights and I feel like a new era has begun.

A while back, I began writing my most ambitious screenplay to date.  The majority of the feature length screenplays I’ve written are loosely based on personal experiences.  This time, I challenged myself to include personal themes while tackling a genre I’ve always adored.  Action/Adventure.  Most of my screenplays are dramas with a slight hint of comedy but I’ve always been a sucker for summer blockbusters.  So why not challenge myself to write something BIGGER.  It’s been a liberating experience.  My take on the “superhero” genre has dominated nearly every screenwriting thought I’ve had throughout the last year.

Obviously, I haven’t written much since Hayley was born.  Adjusting to parenthood is difficult and infinitely rewarding simultaneously.  Still, there will come a time when I can carve out a new writing routine and finish the script.  Honestly, I think about it more and more each day.  But instead of dreaming about Hollywood, I just want my little girl to be proud of her dad.

At the end of the day, I’m no screenwriting expert nor am I an expert on fatherhood.  All I know is I’m addicted to inspiration and my imagination has been overflowing since the day I laid eyes on Hayley.  Creatively, I’ve never been more dedicated to the craft of screenwriting.  I’ve never been more excited to finish a script.  I’m anxious to send it out in to the world for the first time and see where I stand.  From a personal standpoint, I’ve never been more dedicated to my family.  I’ve never been so excited to see what the future holds.  I’m inspired.

A new blank page awaits and my adventure continues.

2 thoughts on “Fatherhood, Screenwriting & Inspiration

  1. Hello, I appreciate your post as I’m an aspiring screenwriter myself and my wife and I are expecting our first child, a boy, any day now. I’m excited and terrified to be a father but even now I feel a similar drive to work harder on my screenplay with the thought of the new addition to our family. Thanks again, and keep writing.

    • Jason McKinnon

      Thanks for the kind words Andrew! I wish nothing but the best for you and your family! Your life is about to infinitely change for the better. Being a dad is wonderful:) Good luck and happy writing!

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