Bryan Singer Posts X-Men Apocalypse Treatment Teaser

Bryan Singer Posts X-Men Apocalypse Treatment Teaser

Here is a rare glimpse inside the development of a massive Hollywood blockbuster: X-Men Apocalypse.  Writer/Director Bryan Singer posted a teaser image of the treatment for the next X-Men Adventure.

Courtesy of: Geektyrant

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Bryan Singer Posts X-Men Apocalypse Treatment Teaser | X-Men Apocalypse Screenplay Development

As an aspiring screenwriter who adores summer movies, I found this extremely inspiring.  Everyone involved with the film’s development must have had a blast coming up with this treatment.  Now that Days of Future Past has essentially relaunched the X-Men Cinematic Universe, the writer’s have a clean slate.  Complete freedom to design the perfect follow up.  I’d love to be in the room with them when they first began development.

To have a chance witness the evolution of such a highly anticipated project would be incredible.  Since, I wasn’t there, this teaser image will have to do.

I don’t know about you but looking at that image makes me feel like writing screenplays!  I love the early days when a new idea takes hold and you can’t write notes fast enough.  Doesn’t that image make you want to develop something new?  Or strengthen the screenplay you’re working on now?  Come on!

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