Alfonso & Jonas Cuarón Talk Screenwriting & Gravity

Alfonso & Jonas Cuarón Talk Screenwriting & Gravity

Gravity is one of the most talked about movies of 2013 and will surely be an Oscar contender.  At the very least, it will receive countless nominations in the technical categories for it’s gorgeous visuals.  So how did Alfonso & Jonas Cuarón go about developing Gravity?  Check out the links and videos below:

Jonas Cuarón on Writing Gravity | Creative Screenwriting

Exclusive interview with Gravity writer Jonas Cuarón | The Examiner

Floating Weightless, Coming Home | WGA

The inception of Gravity: Never giving up in the face of adversity | Screen Craft

Alfonso Cuarón Talkes Gravity’s Visual Metaphors | Giant Freaking Robot

Alfonso Cuarón Explains the Darwinian Ending of ‘Gravity’ | The Daily Beast

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