Writing Screenplays: The Anatomy Of Page One

Writing Screenplays: The Anatomy Of Page One

When you start a new screenplay, page one is simultaneously terrifying and inspiring all at once.  It may look like a blank page but an aspiring screenwriter looks at page one with hope and dedication.  It’s an opportunity to create something truly original and entertaining.

I recently wrote an article published on Screen Craft called: The Aspiring Screenwriter’s Guide To Page One.  In it, I detail 12 inspiring elements on the first page of your new screenplay.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“FADE IN…  Write those two words on a blank page and you’re a screenwriter. Better than that, you’re a screenwriter with a purpose. A screenwriter committed to a story worth telling. Typing FADE IN is an extraordinary moment in the development process. It confirms your willingness to challenge yourself and craft the best screenplay possible.  It tests your ability to make every single word count. It’s a single moment that opens up limitless possibilities for you to create memorable moments for others to enjoy. Unforgettable characters, unexpected twists and unbelievable worlds are all possible because you typed FADE IN.” (Screen Craft)


Then write!!!

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