8 Must Read Screenwriting Books For Beginners

8 Must Read Screenwriting Books For Beginners

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Screenplay: The Foundations Of Screenwriting

By Syd Field

A practical approach to screenplay theory and structure.

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Save The Cat: The Last Book On Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need

By Blake Snyder

One of the most well known screenwriting books also spawned a sequel: Save The Cat Strikes Back.  Both are overflowing with valuable tips.

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Story: Substance, Structure, Style & The Principles Of Screenwriting

By Robert McKee

Robert McKee takes you step by step through his principles of screenwriting.

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The Screenwriter’s Bible

By David Trottier

If you’ve never set eyes on a screenplay before, this is a great place to start.  This book will surely alleviate your structure and format concerns.  There’s obviously more to it than that but it’s a great starter book you’ll refer to time and time again.

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Screenwriting From The Soul

By Richard Krevolin

A personal approach to screenwriting books that asks the question: Why write?

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Real Screenwriting: Strategies & Stories From The Trenches

By Ron Suppa

A book that goes beyond the typical ‘how to’ adding insight and advice on how to make it as a writer.

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Your Screenplay Sucks: 100 Ways To Make It Great

By William M. Akers

The title speaks for itself.  A fantastic book to have at your side when you’re tackling your first screenplay.

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How NOT To Write A Screenplay: 101 Common Mistakes Most Screenwriters Make

By Denny Martin Flinn

The definitive book on rookie mistakes.  This book (along with Your Screenplay Sucks) will help you tear your first draft to shreds allowing your story to shine through.

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Reading 8 books is just the beginning!  You have to read tons of screenplays too!  Immerse yourself in the craft and allow yourself to fall in love with screenwriting.  Now, I’m not saying reading these 8 books will make you a screenwriting expert.  It can take years to perfect the craft.  Many people will tell you writing a screenplay is difficult and getting it made is damn near impossible.  Let’s take it one step at a time.  You CAN write a screenplay.  These books will give you a fantastic foundation to build on.  All that’s lacking is a good idea and the passion to make it great.

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