7 Screenwriting Tips To Help You Choose Perfect Character Names

7 Screenwriting Tips To Help You Choose Perfect Character Names

John August is the screenwriter behind Go, Big Fish, Corpse Bride & more.  He’s also half of the dynamic duo behind the popular Script Notes podcast.  He’s also behind one of the most popular screenwriting websites on the web (johnaugust.com).

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In a recent podcast (Episode 151: Secrets & Lies), John detailed 7 helpful tips when naming characters.  I’ve included them below along with several related posts from his website.  Selecting the perfect name is crucial when you’re developing a character’s identity.  John August is here to help.  Check out the resources.  Then write!

7 Tips To Help You Choose Perfect Character Names

by John August

1. Pick different first letters for character’s names. (ex: John, Jim, James etc…)

2. Pick a different number of characters in names. (ex: Tom, Ben etc…)

3. Pick names that sound different. (ex: Gene vs John)

4. Avoid names that are semantically similar. (ex: Rose, Tupil etc…)

5. Try to avoid gender ambiguity in character names. (ex: Robin)

6. Use diverse names. (ex: Bill & Sangeet)

7. Save names for people who actually need names.

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