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15 Amazing Movie & TV Websites & Why They Inspire Screenwriters

15 Amazing Movie & TV Websites & Why They Inspire Screenwriters

Die hard film fans crave information about their favorite projects and genres.  It’s an addiction.  We are constantly seeking out the latest trailers, analysis, casting news, release date announcements and more.  Over time, every film fan develops a personal collection of websites they visit multiple times every day.

Below you’ll find 15 of my personal favorites.  These websites are an incredible source of information, opinion & unique features that satisfy my film craving daily.  But my interest extends beyond the next big comic book movie or awards season contender.  These 15 websites also fuel my addiction to screenwriting.

Every day, I visit these websites to learn more about the medium gathering different perspectives along the way.  Like the Top 25 Screenwriting Blogs, these sites are a source of inspiration.  A creative spark.

I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do.

Visit them all!  Then write!


One of my personal favorites.  Screen Rant doesn’t simply report the news, they create informative articles that breakdown the news from every angle.  They offer opinions, countdowns, instant analysis and more.  It’s an entertaining site I visit first every morning for the latest updates.

XTRAThe Screen Rant Underground Podcast

SPARK | Whatever types of movies you love to write, reading the opinions of fans of the genre is crucial.  There’s no better place to start then movie/screenwriting blogs.

GUIDE | The Best Screenwriting Forums


Variety is a staple for any film/tv fan offering all the latest updates from the industry we adore.

XTRA | Read the latest movie news here.

SPARK | Reading the trades keeps you up to date on the latest trends and where your latest project may fit in.  Or perhaps your script will start a new trend?

RESOURCE | The Best Screenwriting Books Recommended By Screenwriters


Geek Tyrant is a great site for news and opinion.  They set themselves apart by regularly posting short films, cool art & must see videos from around the web as well.  If you love the summer blockbusters their navigation features easy to find collections of articles for all the big upcoming releases.

XTRA | Check out their short film archive for inspiration on demand!

SPARK | Every time a website posts a clever new short film, I’m inspired and nostalgic simultaneously having written many shorts over the years.  You have to start somewhere.


When it comes to innovative, informative & entertaining features, Cinema Blend is among the very best.  If you love speculation on upcoming titles, predictions and analysis then this blog should be bookmarked immediately.  It’s also one of the best looking movie blogs on this list.

XTRA | View original movie features and analysis here.

SPARK | Whenever I read an original feature on a movie blog, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever write something worthy of analysis.


I’ve been visiting /Film for years.  Like many of the blogs on this list, I look forward to their opinions on all the latest film/TV news.

XTRA | Page Two: A daily collection of interesting movie content from around the web.

SPARK | If you’re going to write movies, you have to love movies.  Passionate film blogs are written by fans who immerse themselves in the film world 24 hours a day.


Collider will always be among the first to report when news breaks but they also feature some of the best exclusive interviews and videos online.  They also post regular box office reports and TV ratings analysis.

XTRA | The Collision Podcast

SPARK | Movie blogs give you a glimpse behind the scenes of how movies are produced.  Interviews, set visits and videos supplement expertly written articles that truly highlight the joys of the development process.

RESOURCE | The Best Screenwriting Podcasts


Joblo is not just a movie website but an entire network of movie websites.  The site also features one of the largest film communities on the web.

XTRA | Check out their extensive screenplay library.

THE SPARK | Join a film community (or many) and connect with people who simply love movies.

RESOURCE | The Best Websites To Download & Read Screenplays


Ain’t It Cool features a constant flow of movie news and some of the best reviews on the web.  The design may not be the most ‘modern’ on this list but the information is entertaining and front and center where it should be.

XTRA | View their cool movie news feed here.

SPARK | Comparing reviews on different blogs you enjoy is a great way to breakdown what you agree with and what you don’t.  That thought process can have an impact on how you approach/analyze new material you’re developing.


The Hollywood Reporter goes far beyond movie and TV news.  They boast an extensive list of sections including style, culture, business, tech and more all focused on how they impact the industry.

XTRA | View inspiring roundtables featuring the hottest screenwriters & filmmakers working today.

SPARK | Screenwriting is an artform but it’s also a business that can have an enormous impact on all aspects of society.  What kind of story you want to tell and the themes you wish to explore are crucial to get right.  How will your script reasonate with readers/viewers?


Empire is a full featured Film/TV destination.  They regularly post unique and massive features and countdowns that always entertain.

XTRA | You can’t mention Empire without mentioning one of the best movie magazines on the planet!

SPARK | Reading movie magazines and blogs takes me back to my younger days when information wasn’t as readily available as it is today.  The world has certainly changed.  Does that type of change happen in your screenplay?


You can always count on Total Film to bring you new lists and countdowns for nearly every topic and genre imaginable.

XTRA | Total Film Magazine

SPARK | Movie Countdowns often feature unforgettable movie moments.  Do you dream of writing classic movie moments that will appear on these lists someday?


I’m a big fan of Screen Crush’s site design.  It’s easy to navigate  and backed up by informative and entertaining articles.  Screen Crush is also home to the unique original features I value most!

XTRA | Screen Crush Originals

SPARK | Have you ever considered writing your own original features?  Whether you have a blog or not, you can learn a lot by analyzing the movie moments that spark your creativity.


Screen Junkies is one of the latest and welcome additions to my daily movie blog tour.  The site offers movie news and a huge collection of movie lists and photo galleries.

XTRA | View tons of movie galleries here.

SPARK | A photo gallery can be a unique source of inspiration especially when the gallery depicts the rich history of cinema.


Coming Soon is a fantastic source for movie news especially when it comes to Superhero news thanks to Superhero Hype.  They organize their news updates in a database format organized by date that’s easy to navigate and addictive.

XTRA | Weekend Warrior Box Office Predictions

SPARK | Dedicate yourself to the craft and always strive to improve your skills.  You may one day find your vision on a box office report.


Film School Rejects is the perfect movie blog for film fans and screenwriters alike.  The site covers every aspect of the industry from screenwriting to the very biggest films in the world.  It’s a fantastic site for the die hard film fan.

XTRA | Screenwriting Archives

SPARK | Screenwriting is an addiction.  Find a job you love, never work a day in your life.  If you ever need a spark, read a screenplay, watch a movie or visit a blog you love.  There are passionate movie fans and screenwriters everywhere!

What are your favorite movie & television websites?  Comment with your picks below!

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