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10 Amazing Screenwriting Forums, Message Boards, Groups, Chats & More

10 Amazing Screenwriting Forums, Message Boards, Groups, Chats & More

Are you looking for feedback?  Want to bounce ideas of passionate screenwriters?  Do you need advice or important plot questions answered?  Do you simply love discussing screenwriting and all the subtle details of the craft?  Join a bunch (or all) of the resources mentioned below!

These are 10 of the web’s best screenwriting forums, message boards & chats where you can post exclusively about screenwriting.  There are limitless possibilities on these boards.  One of the main purposes of The Screenwriting Spark is the idea that screenwriters inspire screenwriters.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

One example:  I posted an article called The Ultimate List of Screenwriting Rules.  It featured nearly 500 rules, guidelines, tips, principles and more which I narrowed down to The 15 Platinum Rules of Screenwriting.  When I promoted it on Twitter, someone mentioned rules that should be broken.  So I started a discussion on Reddit Screenwriting and got a ton of great responses.  You can read the thread here.  Imagine if I posted it on a few more.

Check them all out!

The Black Board

#Scriptchat on Twitter (View Website Here)

Reddit Screenwriting

Stage 32 Screenwriting Lounge

Google Plus Screenwriting Communities

LinkedIn Screenwriting Groups

Screenwriting Goldmine Forum

Indie Talk Screenwriting

Done Deal Pro Forums

Simply Scripts Discussion Board

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18 thoughts on “10 Amazing Screenwriting Forums, Message Boards, Groups, Chats & More

  1. I run the Script Advice Writer’s Room on Facebook – very popular and supportive group with lots of advice from me and a host of passionate writers from all levels of experience. Please join me!

  2. Hi Jason! Thank your for posting this. I’m not a screen writer, but I have a friend who is. My friends and I are trying to surprise him with some great gifts to help him. He’s been writing scripts for a while now. So I know he has the basics like final draft and some reference books. I’ve done Google searches for gifts for screen writers, but I’m wondering if you have an opinion on the gift(s) that you would want someone to give you, as a screen writer. Any thoughts? Any input would be helpful. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Ami,
      A friend of mine once took one of my first screenplays and had it bound with a nice cover. I truly appreciated that. There are a ton of great books out there that go beyond reference or simple how-to such as How NOT To Write A Screenplay, Screenwriting From The Soul, Power Screenwriting etc…

      It may not be as personal but a gift card to a website like http://www.writersstore.com would be a nice gift.

      On the personal side, you can’t go wrong with a nice notebook for story notes.

      Every screenwriter is a movie fan as well. Tickets to film festivals, theater gift cards, a collector’s edition of his favorite film are all great gifts.

      If you know any artists you can have them mock up a poster for a screenplay he wrote.

      Those are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. Hope these suggestions help!

      • Thank you so much, Jason! This was indeed very helpful, especially the additional resources and the idea about the poster. I appreciate you also taking the time to respond. All the best to you and your endeavors.

        Be blessed,

  3. Thanks for this great resource for screenwriters! I wanted to share information for writers interested in earning an all-online MFA with an emphasis in Screenwriting from National University, the second-largest non-profit university in California. http://faculty.nu.edu/blogs/mcw/

    Study with professional screenwriters from the comfort of your home – no residency requirement! You can also cross genres and take courses in fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

  4. Finding the right set of eyes. There are hundreds maybe thousands, of Screenplay Analysis, Scripts Doctors, Scriptwriting Coaches, and Screenplay Consultants. Some these will try and sell you on reinventing the wheel, (the three act structure) as a hook. Very few are comprehensive, and most create the need for several trips to the doctor.

    Then there is the proofreader, whose skills are often underestimated, but who stands as a crucial element in the success of any screenplay or manuscript. I received some good advice from a person who analysis, consults, and proofreads.

    “Finding the right person to work with is important. I say “work with” because you (the writer) must take an active role in the process. Don’t ask that loaded question “What do you think?” Let the editor know what it is you’re looking for and what impact you’re trying to make with your story. Sometimes the story you set out to write drifts off course, and too many times we just don’t see it. It’s also important to let whomever you work with know that you would like that person to explain and develop the “why” behind the criticism, and that you want ideas on how to proceed, in favour of the textbook criticism that can be used on all stories. When you do get feedback, give it time to set in. It can hurt at times. Sometimes it will crush you. Don’t let it; think about it, but always trust your inner voice. Once you find the right person, everything else just falls into place.”

    This is what hit home with me in the above advice: “the textbook criticism that can be used on all stories.” I sometimes wonder how script doctors would treat the script for “Chinatown?”

    How many of you have drifted around, trying to find the right person? And what would you like a coach, analyst, doctor, or consultant to cover?

  5. I dig this site KC’s View ( http://www.kcsview.com ). It’s not a discussion on screenwriting but it’s a film executive who keeps commenting on movies, and it sometimes includes an interesting perspective on the script.

  6. Great list. I spend a ton of time in the Screenwriting Lounge on Stage 32. Great talent and support there. Incredibly positive environment.

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